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So cold

On day 2, and can't believe that I'm sooooo cold. Don't remember being this cold last time. All doing well though, although today without even realising it ate a bit of toast as I was cleaning up after breakfast, so used to cleaning other peoples plates makes it obvious how the weight creeps on... I am the households human bustbin !:eek::)
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xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Get some warm pyjamas, some warm slippers and one of those snuggie blankets (blanket with sleeves), you can get them from debenhams, boots, and some gadget type shops. Either way get wrapped up as this is one of the things LT does to you. Because we're on so little calories our bodies are trying to save energy by keeping cooler.
hi babypudding i just started my second week and have also had the same problem , been freezing i have noticed that some days i dont feel as cold all the time but quiet often i have been dying of the cold,but its been good and definatley worth it so keep at it i lost 13.5 lbs in my first week and if i can you can too:))

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
For the first few weeks I wore my pyjamas, socks and my fleece dressing gown to bed, I was freezing.
LOL I do that every night!.... Does wonders for your love life lol especially for me with my red primark pyjamas with black and white scottie dogs on!!! :p
Wrapped up tonight in the duvet watching TV, so not so bad will have to get some snuggly socks tomorrow


I will be skinny again!!!
unfortnatley its part of it!

The first time around i remember being cold but it didnt bother me too much, the second time wowie i felt it loads.. especially with this mad weather weve been having!!


Don't Worry Be Happy
ive been cold for the last 8 weeks, matt the snowman:)


Eyes on the Prize!!
I too have been feeling the cold and had the heating on full blast whilst everyone around was sweltering! It seems to have evened out a bit now and I still feel cold but its hard to tell if thats just this time of year and the awful weather or if its LT.

I'm quite glad to feel the cold as normally I'm always the one that's really hot whilst everyone else is freezing. But then I do have extra internal layers!!!
I suffered realy bad with feeling cold I tried the shakes warm well chocolate and the vanilla as a latte warmed me up a treat x

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