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My hands and feet are so cold. I have thermal socks, a heated cuddly toy and slippers. Still cold! At night my husband says it is like being in bed with ice cubes near his feet!
Anyone know how to warm up! Also does this side effect last throughout or get better?
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Heya honey. Never suffered that badly with the cold this time or last time but I'm sure it's not being helped by the gorgeous weather we've been having. I would guess that it doesn't so much get better as you get more used to it I'm afraid. Can you put an extra blanket on the bed?
sorry hun but 2 weeks in and i am still cold. Anyone got any good news out there!?
I'm sure I will get used to it. The rest of me is okay, just hands, feet and nose (or so my son told me!).
On the other hand, I'm sat here boiling my bum off after a work-out... Maybe that could warm you up? :D
Roll on the summer- warmer and slimmer!
Yeah, I am one of the lucky ones and not been really cold, just occassionally.
I think exercise would be the only way to warm or have a nice hot bath. Failing that, you could always speak nice to your other half and maybe he could join you for some exercise to keep you warm :eek::8855::love047:
Now there is a good thought! I off then.... and not for the bath! xx
will do!! Thanks for the support!
hot drinks and hot baths and hot water bottles and a hot man may help............lol

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
On day 8 now and boy am I feeling cold, last night had to take hot water bottle to bed!!XX
Im on week 2 and my hands and feet are cold also
When im in house on own I wear gloves and a hat and then go to bed wearing thermals and socks - very sexy

Being cold tells me that my body does not have carbs for fuel and warmth so must be burning fat
Rather be slim and bit cold than fat and warm
Get one of those fleece throws for the bed and put it over the feet area. Perfect!
Im one of those that when in bed I could have a window open all year round, with no heating.
But while on LT I do struggle with the cold but any good quality fleece sweater or thick joggers is good enough for me.
Sorry Hope, I can't give you any good news. Since I started LT last April I have been freezing and, except 2 weeks in August, I have taken a hot water bottle to bed and worn socks every night. Since the start of December I taken 2 hot water bottle to bed!!!! Poor OH is baking!!!!!!

Even now I'm sat here with a heater on my feet trying to warm up!

Exercise did help thanks but generally continue to be freezing cold! xx

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