So confused with superfree and superspeed - HELP

Pudgy Panda

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I have been getting confused with superfree, superspeed and making sure i am getting1/3 in every meal when doing EE.

So tonight i had beef stroganoff (free on EE) rice and green veg - was this not made up of all superfree??????

then superspeed are foods that are quick to help loose weight like beans

dear god i am so confused :cry:

so let me get this right on EE rice, pasta, noodles, meat, chicken etc then all veg are superfree
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Superfree foods - All fruits and veg that are free on green and red (i.e. all fruit and non starchy veggies)

Superspeed foods - foods that aid your weightloss with the symbol SS beside it in your book

Rice, pasta, noodles, meat, chicken etc are not superfree but free foods. You can eat them freely but do not count towards your 1/3 superfree food per meal.

Pudgy Panda

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S: 11st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st12lb(7.5%)
thank you, if you could look at my food diary at some that would be great just to see if i am putting enough superfree foods in my diet

thanks for your help i really appreciate it


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I've been saying this to my C. I really think they've boobed by introducing the term 'super free', as it's so similar to 'super speed', but with a very different consequence for our weightloss journey.


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I remember the term superfree being around a long time but it's very confusing for newbies who aren't familiar with red and green and have only been introduced to EE. How can they know what's free on both red AND green if they have never done them?
Plus the superfree foods have changed from including eggs/yogurt/quorn etc to just non starchy veg and fruit.

I'd advise newbies to study the superfree section of their packs and keep asking questions, but don't stress too much.