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So depressed..I'm up!!!

Hi all, went for my 4th weigh in today and was devastated when she told me I was 1/4 lb up!!! WTF!!!! I had a really bad TOTM and just finishing that today, had all my shakes, drank buckets of water, I just don't understand, my will power was really tested this past week and I'm sooo upset. I'm not giving up though, no way!!! Is it possible to put weight on on LT?????
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Hey hun what about the antibiotics?? xxx


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Are they sugar coated? xx
without sounding flippant, obviously! But just maye the scales are pants your clothes were heavier, did you drink or eat prior or not do the pre WI poo. And you women with your complexities are so unpredictable, never mind your cracking on with this week so well done you:hug99: xxx and good look pet;)x
Thanks Garry:eek:. Tracy, pharmacist said antibiotics should have no effect, and they aren't coated in anything, those really dry ones. Hopefully it was TOTM otherwise I don't know what I'll do!!!


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Do you remember pink baileys posting a couple of weeks ago when she put half a lb on? Well the week after she loast loads..over half a stone if i remember correctly! You watch next week hun id put money on it!! Damn hormones:D xxx
Ah thanks hun, I really hope so. I'm gonna just put it behind me and move on, its just so strange though!!!!
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dont worry i didnt loose as much this week due to TOTM she said its normal and not to worry just stick with it youve done so well :)


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I agree hun bit you have done great like Garry said and it has to pick up so stick at it and watch this space for next week xxx


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OMG! That would gut me, after all the hard work, but what can you do? Just put it down to experience (and maybe it is the TOTM), next week you'll lose for this week as well!

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