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So depressed, need a pep talk!


Have been following SW since just before Christmas and lost 7 lbs so far - despite a 4lb gain Christmas and New Year, was doing really well. Had to go away for work last weekend, ate and drank way too much but thought a 100% effort this week would at least mean I would STS. No such luck, weighed in at Boots this morning and put on 3 lbs!!! Is that even possible?? Feel like just going down to Maccy D's and overdosing on junk food. Somebody help me please...........
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Slips ups are normal, but don't back any gain worse than it already is. And if boots are not your usual scales don't take ANY notice of any scales but the ones you usually use ONCE a week. Any weight you gain from a binge will have be loss again, think of the hard work you have put into your losses.


What date do u get weighed? Are boots ur normal scales? if not ignore them hun and carry on. If they are ur normal scales and u weighed at right time and day as normal then put it down to a blip and carry on, you will shift the 3lb again but if u go to mac d you stand to gain more then you'll be stuck in the circle again xxx Keep strong xxx


Is ON it this time!
I don't loose quickly these days, gain it even easier (hense being off plan more than I am over the past few years)

But i've decided to look at it another way....
Do i NEED the McD's - what will i acheive by stuffing my face, yeah ok it tastes ok, good for a quick fix.
But i'll blame myself all week for that little slip up, then have another day, thinking ach well I've blown it this week, may as well eat some cake, oh thats half of it gone, should really finish the lot. Then every day spirals, as you are already in the mindset that this week was an epic fail.

I nearly screwed it all up this week - greasy burger van, hadn't had brekkie, it smelt so good but I thought no - i'm worth more than this, I want to loose the weight, I am doing this for me, sod the burger!

Just think back - to why you wanted to start on SW, who you want to become. Will a maccys really help you get there??

Make a SW feast of comfort food, gorge on syn free stuff. Trust me you'll feel better for it, and probs enjoy it more than the smiley m's anyway

XXXXXXtra gl for this week hunni - stay strong you can do it




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oh, there's so much good advice here, stick to you're usual weigh-in, and also the time of day you weigh:D


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Don't go to Maccy D's whatever you do!!! Good advice here from everyone else.

I know exactly how you feel as I have stuck to plan 100% from the very beginning, and have gained LOADS of times unexpectedly! But then I always lose in the end and think how pleased I am I kept going!

Keep at it!!!! xxxx


Thanks everyone, you support really helps! Have spent the last couple of days beating myself up and not eating very much - stupid I know! Have decided to be firmer with myself and plan in advance during the week and if I have the odd slip up at weekends it won't be so bad (advance planning for weekends can be tricky at times)

I can't really talk to my partner about this as he is just glad I gave up smoking and doesn't really care that I put on all this weight, so I have two addictions to deal with; food and cigs!