So Disappointed


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Sorry for the negative post but need some opinions and reassurance.
After sticking to plan all over Christmas and not having a single week of STS or gain since joining I went to WI last night to be told I'd gained 1.5lb. I've stuck to plan all week 2 green days, 4 EE and 1 SE, done loads of exercise - 10 miles last week and 40 minutes of rebounding and aerobics.
I wouldn't mind a gain if I'd had the enjoyment to deserve it but this just sucks.
I handed in my food diaries and fit log to my consultant last night and she's called me today to say that it all looks fine.
Don't understand how this could have happened and it's really disappointed me. (Haven't gone off the rails after WI of horror and still on plan although I did feel like ordering a pizza in defiance I couldn't bring myself to make things worse).

What happened? Has anyone else had this before? How do I go on? (lol ok so the last one was melodramatic)
Seriously though - help anyone? x

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It might be all the exercise, i think that muscle weighs more initially , it might have evened out next week and you will prob have a big loss . Don't order that pizza and stick to plan, our bodies all behave differently, please don't give up xxx

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It most probably is the muscle if u have been working out more, muscle does weigh heavier than fat so dont beat yaself up about it im sure it will all work out for u xx


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(((Huge hugs)))

I had a pound gain this week but haven't been exercising (too busy watching Most Haunted Live and not Wii Fit-ting so my own fault). I also felt like ordering in but instead I'm going to boot myself up the bum and get back on track.

I BET you'll have a good loss next week xxx


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IMO I don't think it is the exercise. You're doing lots of cardiovascular exercise which is great because it will help with burning calories. But you're not doing any weight training and a woman would have to do some serious weight training in order to build muscle.

Maybe it's just the EE days. I have heard of some people putting on weight on this plan. Just as some people don't get on well with green days maybe it's the same with EE.

But don't beat yourself up about it. Hang in there and I'm sure it will sort itself out. It's just a minor set back and not worth ruining the progress you've already made by hitting the pizza.


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You're doing well...this is a little blip. You've been good, you've's going to show at some point!

Chin up :)


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Maybe you did a little too much exercise for the amount of energy you had taken in during the week? The body can react strangely if it's being asked to expend too much energy and not getting enough calorie intake. It's a fine balance. Perhaps you could ease off a little on exercise this week, make sure you're eating three good meals a day and see what happens?


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That must be very disappointing. Don't give up, our bodies are funny things, I bet you've lost inches instead, it goes like that sometimes. Make sure you're eating enough and having your syns. Good luck.


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Put that phone down! When I got to goal (first time) I had weeks when I wouldn't lose a thing, or put on, and then the next week, there would be a big drop. The body is strange! Keep going and I'm sure you'll see the difference next week.


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What days would you have done if you hadn't had EE days? All green? Mix of green and red?

clutching at straws here... did you drink plenty of water? Did you eat a LOT more carbs than you would have done if you'd not done EE?

I don't burn carbs very quickly and found that if I did more than 1 green day a week, I didn't lose, so I only did red days. I did 6 red days and 1 EE day last week and lost 2lbs, so it seems 1 EE day is acceptable to my freaky body.

Maybe try throwing a couple of red days to give your body a change? Maybe your body just decided to throw a wobbly this week while it adapts to what you're eating. I often find my body works a week behind itself for some peculiar reason. I did read somewhere that your body works in 10 day cycles food wise...

Good luck for next week though, please don't let it dishearten you too much.


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i think sometimes we just need to take into consideration we dont control our bodies we retain water for no reason whatsoever and this is a fluctuation of a couple of pounds here and there if i were you i wouldn panic at all hon , drinking water helps to stop you storing as your body doesn feel the need to store fluids try that for this week and don'y panic if your doing it right your doing it right there is no way it wont work XXX


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I think that you should look at your weight loss over a month instead of weekly, I know we need to weigh weekly and get the assurance from going to the group meetings but it is more sensible to look at the month as a whole,our bodies go through so many changes in a month. dont despair,wait till next week and sure it will show.