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So far to go-- it's getting me down

I'm trying really hard and stuck to it almost 99% and have lost weight but feel so down that I have 8 stone still to loose it feels so far to go that right now I can't see myself ever reaching the end. It's going to take years. It's making me feel low and really disheartened. sorry just needed to rant:cry:
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I have a lot to loose, but im just taking it a step at a time. Sometimes when you know deep down inside you've got lots to loose then it can just be overwhelming and you feel you'll never get to target. Best thing to do is break it down into little mini targets, and praise yourself once you reach each target.

I would ideally like to loose 5 - 6 stone all together if im honest, sounds very hard when you see the figure but in reality it'll come off in the end. Just need to be positive and take it one day at a time.

I get days how you're feeling now too :( chin up hun, you did good for coming on here and having a rant, when things go wonky for me or if im feeling fed up i usually turn to food.

if you focus on half a stone at a time it will help you get through a lot easier. if you tell yourself you have got 8 stone to lose you will think you will never do it ut jus do half a stone at a time and you will do it
I agree with everyone else. I used to get down about having to lose 7 stone, and the only way I coped was to break it down to smaller goals. 10% was my 'big' goal with the 1/2, 1, 1.5 stone awards built into that as mini goals. I have kept doing 10% and now have a few pounds to reach my third one.

It is only now after losing 4.5 that I can finally start to think about the end goal
hi, well done on you're weight loss up to now, agree with the others, break it down into 1/2st's and remember, you will get there, mine's been very scenic, and, i mean scenic, so good luck for you're journey:D:D
Hiya hun, I had even more to lose than you in the beginning and it really does seem a mountain....but forget the total and like others have said work in small chunks. Every half a stone will make a massive difference to you. Trust me its been a major struggle for me, and I still fall off the wagon...but the difference is that now I can brush myself down and get back on again...which is where you will get to as well x
I have more to lose than that. I'm just taking it a half stone at a time and a dress size at a time. I completely understand how you can feel disheartened it can see so overwhelming so I often have to talk myself out of looking at it longterm or I get really down. Just take it one small battle at a time and hopefully both of us will win the war. :hug99:
I need to lose a huge amount, just under double what you need and it does seem daunting if you look at the whole picture...that's why I'm focusing on my "mini goal" of 5 stone...I'm nearly at 2 stone already after 6 weeks, so 5 stone doesn't seem that unachievable. Once I've completed the first goal, I'll start again with the second.

So you've got 8 stone to lose...why not set mini goals of say 2 stone each. Focus on getting to the first 2, notice and note down the changes after losing 2 stone and then move on to the next.

I wanted my first 5 stone off by mid June, so I've got nearly 4 months to do the rest, it feels good to be "on target"...so try setting yourself small goals and you'll feel good when you achieve them, which will hopefully spur you on.
As everyone has said...break it down into smaller goals... and keep on telling yourself that EVERY ounce off is a step in the right direction..
I have lost 7st12lbs so far and have another 5st 8lbs-ish to go and I have always just taken it one day at a time... its much less pressure that way and makes life much easier.
I have spent many a year feeling like you and its only this time around that I realised that I had to stop expecting miracles, huge losses etc... afterall I have been accumulating this excess wobble for years :eek:
You CAN do it..just don't be so hard on yourself,,,,


Now to maintain.....
it doesnt have to take years!!
my husband started with me on april the 5th and he is now at target,just over 8 stones lighter!!!

yes others may prefer the scenic route and taking longer but it doesnt have to be that way if you dont want it to be! you are the one in control and you can do this!!
good luck x
I have nearly double what you do to loose so I know hoe you feel. I need to loose 14-16 stone. It is so hard to think of it over the whole loss. I am looking at in 1/2 a stone at the time. It is the only way I can keep going. I diddnt put my weight on quick so I guess I am not going to loose it quick.

You can do it and you wouldnt be on here if you diddnt want to. Just brak it down and keep thinking about how well you are doing. Loosing 1 lb is hard and much better than putting weight on over the next few months.
You also need to look at the positive in actually doing something about it. Yes, you're overweight but you're putting one foot infront of the other and taking the steps needed to do something about it.
9lbs in 3 weeks is quite a good loss and you're 9lbs lighter than you were when you started. If you hadn't of started then you'd be more than likely a few pounds heavier now, so it all adds up.
I know exactly how you feel!!

The thought that's keeping me going this time is that instead of giving up going off the rails and finishing the year 2 stone heavier, this time i'm sticking with it no matter how long it takes and how small my losses are. I realised that even if I only loosely stuck to the plan and lost half a pound a week, i'd still be 2 stone lighter by the end of the year instead of heavier.

I keep reminding myself of this whenever i find myself struggling!

Good luck hun, and don't feel it's an impossible task because its not, and there are loads of people on here that are proof of that!



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From my starting weight i'll lose nearly 11 stone by the time i'm finished .... i hope to be around target by June next year (for my 30th!!) But if it takes longer then so be it - i'm taking this at my own pace and as many have said before - the goal for me is to be slim for life.

Every day I start fresh. Every day I remind myself why i'm doing this and who i'm doing it for :D
And that makes me smile - i've chosen a plan I know I can live with - it's flexible - family friendly and realistic. I love my food - that's what got me here in the first place - I couldn't live with a plan that made food bad!!

So just remember .... before you give up .... before that binge .... will it make you happy to stay the way you are? Do it for yourself .. and in the words of Cheryl (lol) "You're worth it!"
Thank you for all your help everyone have taken advice and set mini goals first- check out my sig :D
I've about 19st to lose in total..
I've nearly lost 6st ( 1.5lbs to go.. ) so I'm almost 1/3 of the way there..

it's a lot but it didn't all go on overnight so I can't expect it to come off overnight..

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