So far today


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I have been shopping for food for other people to eat and made
20 Pink Cupcakes (must go and ice them now)
32 Chocolate cornflake cakes.

I still need to make
24 pizza fingers
35 cheese balls
Some other type of cake with chocolate and something with sultanas.
Am I crazy?

Oh btw I have not licked my fingers once but I do have a very mucky apron
Why are you doing all this have you a party?

Just asking because I know so many who suddenly have to bake for England when they can't eat themselves. Its as if the pleasure is in watching others eat:p
blimey - well done bellybee!!!
My willpower was stretched this afternoon and I was only sat beside a box of after eights! Go you!

The first time I had to cater for lots of peeps was my 60th birthday back in April - managed and felt it was a HUGE lesson learned. Hey, we really don't always need food to enjoy ourselves