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so frightened of loose skin!

I've asked this before but I can't remember the responses I got - I'm 20 and have around 4 stone to lose. If I make sure I exercise around 4+ times a week, what is the likelihood of having loose skin? The thought terrifies me!!! Is there anyone around my age who has lost that amount and can say what happened to them? Also - does cellulite go? Thanks! :eek:
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The best way to avoid loose skin is to lose weight at a sensible rate of 1-2lb per week as this gives your skin chance to catch up with your body. Losing huge amounts in a short space of time like with VLCDs or bypass surgery is very likely to end up with you haveing loose skin that you either have to live with or have surgically corrected. Losing slower and using products such as Bio Oil will seriously reduce the possibility of this happening. Exercising is good (you can't exercise too much on VLCDs which adds to the problem), it's also good to ensure you are getting at least 1.5l of water a day to keep the skin hydrated. What plan are you following/starting?
I was planning on doing a vlcd! Just for 2 months or so to kickstart things, then moving onto something like weight watchers till I reach goal weight.. what do you think?


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I shouldn't worry ya know. There are a number of reasons why people 'suffer' from loose skin. Genetics is the main one, plus if you've been overweight for a long time, age etc, plus the amount of weight you need to lose.

Contrary to general opinion, I don't believe the faster you lose it the more problem you have. I have seen just as many cases of people dieting slowly and having a problem compared to losing it fast.

At your age and with the amount you need to lose, I very much doubt you'll have a problem.


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Oh, and BTW, I'm 53, lost 8 stone fast and have hardly any lose skin. Doctor told me my tummy looked like the majority of ladies my ages who have had umpteen pregnancies ;)


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i'm 23 and lost so far i think about 3 and a half stone and havent got loose skin yayyyy!
i too was worried about that.
i have followed slim fast since just before christmas and have one more stone to go
i didnt do much exercise to start off with then i started swimming and going gym occassionally, now i do running too but i'm fairly toned now. my friend lost 4 stone and didnt exercise and had loose skin. so i think exercise is the key as well as steady weight loss.
i didnt drink much water to start off with but now i do and its helped lose more weight - prob cos it fills you up.
good luck!
and yes cellulite does go! i am SO pleased to say. i had it on my bum and back of my legs and its all gone :)
stretchmarks have faded - bio oil reallys helps but you have to use it religously twice a day.
good luck which ever path you choose!
awesome :D hopefully its all good then!!
I lost 5 stone when I was your age I have gradually out it back on but I have never suffered with loose skin. If you are sensible with your weight loss and excercise regularly it shouldnt really be a problem. You are young and so your skin should stretch and shrink easily as your collagen stores only decrease with age. If you use body moisturisers like cocoa butter and massage your skin this also helps too. As moisturised skin doesnt tend to shrivel as much either. Hope this helps x
excellent - will definitely invest in some serious moisturising then. thank you all so much, I am definitely feeling reassured! it's just that my ideal goal is to look hot in a bikini, and there's no point looking forward to that if it's never going to happen even when i'm thin because of saggy skin! but now I'm feeling a lot more confident in that not happening! :D

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