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So I bought my Kettlebell... now what?

Hi Kettle-belles :D,

Inspired by the "secret to shaping up" thread about kettlebells, I bought my own last weekend. Now all 5kg of it have arrived, I have to admit I don't really know what to do with it!

Would you recomomend I try some of the basic moves using an instruction video on Youtube or something first? Or should I just go ahead and buy a DVD?

And on the subject of DVDs, does anyone have a recommendation for a beginners kettlebell DVD workout? I've seen lots metioned here in the past, but when I do a search on Amazon or whatever, most of them seem to have such terrible reviews!!! :(

There is also a Kettlebell class 3x a week at a gym about 30 mins away from where I work. Does anyone have any experience with these? Are you expected to bring your own kettlebell? And are they worth the money? These classes are just shy of £5 a session, so at £15 a week they should be damned good (or I could just ditch my current gym, join that one and go for free...)!

Any help muchly appreciated :eek:
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Anyone - please? :wavey:
I bought the kettleworx program, it lasts 6 weeks and there's a lot about it on Kron's thread. I would recommend it. It costs about £50 though. I am on my third go through it though (ie Week 16!) so I think I am getting my money's worth.
I have never been to a class but I would love to go - it could be worth checking out since there is one in your area. Kron has also pasted some youtube links to exercises on her thread, if you want to try things yourself. Good luck. Kettlebells are a great tool.
oooh well done on getting a kb

1. dvd such as kettleworx is easy to follow if you dont know about weight training
2. you could use youtube - steve cotter for example has excellent instructions but if you dont know what you are doing you wont get best benefit
3. classes are great - no thinking just do it, always a lovely looking girly to get your attention and make you work harder (or bloke if that;s your thing) and good value
4. I create my own sessions, workout at home or gym and have a list of over 100 different exercises so plenty of choice

so well done kb are really good, enjoy...
I'd love to give this a go. Can anyone tell me where I buy the program from for £50? :)
Try Ideal World. tv -that's where I got mine. http://www.idealworld.tv/SearchGridView.aspx?fh_location=//idealworld/en_GB/$s=kettleworx

Or else, I think there is a kettleworx website (American) KettleWorx ® | Kettlebell Workouts & Exercises | Kettle Bells | Kettle Balls

Or you can also try ebay, sometimes they have used dvds.

Good luck, I had to read through Kron's thread a few times for it all to sink in.


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Hi Rorah
Great to hear you have a nice new shiny 5kg :)

There are a number of dvds available some better than others, so if you are interested in any, let me know and I may be able to offer advice.

The beginer ones can be good, but you could grow out of them quite quickly, and it will depend on whether you enjoy doing the same routine over and over.

I started the thread due to the results I got from Kettleworx, and altho a bit of an investment, it works out cheaper in the long run as you get 18 workout sessions, so doesnt get boring, and can be repeated over and over, increasing the weight of the bell as you go.

Check to see what the classes are, it is likely they are Kettlercise (you can buy the dvd Kettlercise for Women, Kettlebells Equipment and Training for Women) You dont need to go 3 times a week, and normally dont need to take your own bell, I take mine as my class has the plastic bells to use, but I prefer my metal ones. Book a session and see how you go, it will be tough to start with, the bells are a hard task master :)

You tube can be great, but some of the moves can be quite hardcore so it can be a bit of a task to find beginner moves, and check out my sig for basic moves to start with.

Come join us on the swinging thread so we can help you start losing inches :)


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Thanks so much for all of your really helpful replies!!

I think I might go to the class tomorrow morning and see how it feels! And then maybe look into the Kettleworx DVD - it sounds like a lot of people are doing this! Or maybe Kettlercise depending on how tomorrow goes :)

How often do you guys train with the kettlebells? Kron - sounds like you've had incredible results especially! Did you have to train every day to see those results?

Thanks again
Thanks Biggysmalls and Kron, I'll take a look, and hopefully have some soon :)


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I work out an hour or two a week and would say that it took about 6 months to achieve the size I am now :)


Back to basics
I also do kettleworx 20min x 3 a week and have had amazing results (photos in my album) it is an expensive outlay but u get 18 workouts, I'm on 3 round doing them now so when u divide per workout it does work out much cheaper than classes x

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