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So Mad

Went to see the nurse today as i recently moved and had to register with a different surgery. When i asked her if it was possible for the doctor to sign my medical form she started going on about how bad the CD diet is. I was fuming, i didn't ask her for her opinion, i have my own which is the only one that counts, i'm healthy just fat (well obese) and unfit. I now have to see the gp on monday as she wasn't happy passing on the form at all. I'm so disapointed as i really wanted to start this weekend :(
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sparklebug, I understand your anger but don't let the nurse discourage you, it's your gp who signs the form, not her. I also had to let get the form signed as my BMI was >40, the nurse also didn't want to pass on the forms to my gp, she wanted me to make an appointment with him to get it signed. My GP was fine with it. So don't be discouraged, there's a good chance your gp will sign the form and you can start next week. I understand about wanting to start asap, it's not great having to wait when you're motivated and just want to get going but will those couple of days really make a difference? Good luck with it, let us know how you get on.
What a pain! Don't be disheartened though, as you are determined to lose weight, surely that can only be a good thing for your health and your general well being so your gp should see that. Even if it's against their personal beliefs, (some people are very against VLCDs as you found!)I am sure they will be more concerned with you getting your weight down as that has much worse health implications that a few weeks or months on a low cal diet!!!
Good luck with gp and please please don't lose focus xxx


please try again
hope it goes well with the gp
just in case the nurse has said anything to him, remind him your not asking his permission, the form just needs to be signed by him to verify that what youve stated on the form in regards of medical conditions and current medications is correct
Thanks everyone, my determined mindset will last, i just wanted it now lol. I've made an appointment with my local CD counsellor for tuesday afternoon and i've told her i am going to start even if i have to do the 1200 one, which she said was fine, she'll just have to phone the CD medical officer. I really can't wait for the day i can go for a walk and not have 17.7 stone of weight making my knees and ankles ache, right i'm off to take some painkillers as today was one of my 5000 steps a day.
I know exactly how you feel...I had to wait days for mine to be signed and in the end because I bugged them so much the nurse signed it. You will be ok....Good luck x
It must be very frustrating to have to wait to start something when you have made the decision to get going.
You only have to get GP to sign to SS I believe, so if the worst happens and he says no, you can still do the 810 plan.
Why not take this weekend as an opportunity to reduce you carb intake and get the process underway?
Just a constructive suggestion. Stick to your goals and don't be disheartened - a lot of people judge CD by the press around VLCD and Lighter life particularly - my family have sent me all sorts of clippings from papers etc. If the nurse read the research behind CD she would understand that it was developed by the medical profession with a specific purpose to help obese people lose weight quickly for surgery....
Stick to your guns!!! :)
Good advice, thanks claire, it will be easier come next week if i cut down carbs now



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Good luck. Even if you start at a higher level like 810 or 1000 you will still see wonderful results and it's SO worth it.

Mrs Z

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If the nurse read the research behind CD she would understand that it was developed by the medical profession with a specific purpose to help obese people lose weight quickly for surgery....
That's the problem - they just don't!

Stick with it and good luck. You sound very determined and that's what you need!

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