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So maybe zero tolerance wasn't the greatest of ideas... So let's try again :)


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Zero tolerance for excuses, anyway. You know what I mean. The sort of excuses that go "I can't get back on the diet today because:

(1) I'm supposed to be going out for a meal next week
(2) I've got an exam to study for
(3) What's the point? I can't afford any new clothes right now anyway and there's nothing in the shops I like..."

etc., etc., etc.

All excuses! Well, the excuses end here. At least, I hope they do!

Hi everyone.:wavey:

Don't know if anyone will remember me, but I started my CD journey back in October 2007. And I was doing very well having lost five and a half stones up until I came off the diet just before my holiday in June (supposedly for a week, whoops...).

Like many folks it seems, having come off, I've discovered it's very difficult to get back on. I've had semi-successful spells where I've managed to sole-source for ten days in a row--only to fall off the wagon the moment I started to think I'd cracked it, grrr...

So, having re-gained one stone and five pounds from my lowest weight (which was exactly twelve stones by my scales, twelve stone four by my CDC's), I've decided enough is enough!

I wasn't sure whether I qualified as a Cambridge Diet Returner, cos in a way, I've never left--but I have fallen, LOL. :eek:

Hence the zero tolerance thing. I'm still more than four stones less than I was when I started and I'm determined to get back in control before that four stones ebbs away to nothing. I'm only too aware of how easily it could...

It's too late to be a size 12 for this summer now anyway (and besides, it really ain't been the weather for strappy dresses after all :sigh:). But if I can crack on now, I should be able to wear a little black dress around Christmas time, right? :)

I know it isn't going to be easy, but if I'm honest with myself, I started to slip around about the time I stopped visiting this wonderful forum on a regular basis... So I'm back :)

Can it be done? Can you ever get back on this diet 100% when you've fallen off? I'm pretty sure someone here must have done it! And if not, well, maybe I could challenge myself to be the exception to the rule?

Sorry, long post. As you can probably tell, I'm trying to motivate myself as I'm writing! Enough of me going on and on. But right now, my plan is to check in each day, report on how it's going (even if the only person who reads this is me, LOL) and get inspired by how brilliantly the rest of you are doing!

(By the way, I'm back on day one, having had just one shake so far. Doing okay on the water, but boy, is my stomach growling :D)

Thanks for reading!
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good luck Lily !!!

I'm sure you can do it :D

Debz x
I've definitely seen a few around the boards who have managed to get back on track after a blip. Either way, they don't matter, what does matter is you and your determination. I found a motto early for our team challenge and it said 'some people are destined to succeed, some are determined to succeed'. I know for me its determination, much as I wish it was destiny. Good luck, stick around with us for support and you'll be back on track before you know it.

My restart is on Monday.
Starting from a lower weight

Hi everyone, I don't think I have posted anything before but I have been on the CD since last Sep (off and on). Lost 2 and half stone, fell off put on a stone but still feel better than last year. Eaten just about everything on holiday but now ready to 'get to it' again. Sometimes to have a break means a fresh start, time to refocus and reassess. Also we are all lighter than when we started the diet originally. Here's to that knock out dress for Christmas ........



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Thanks for all the replies. This place is great--why did I ever wander away? :D

Feeling a bit rumbly in my tumbly now--but am determined to get through this.

So, thanks Debz32 for the encouragement!

Well done Lesley on getting to Week 4--that's one hell of an achievement in itself.

Minime--all the best with your restart. We can do this, I know we can.

And Satsy, how about we agree to swap pics of ourselves in those LBDs come Christmas time, LOL?

Still have one shake to go--but hanging on as long as poss... :)


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Certainly is possible to get back on it 100% after a break, just have a few more 'chatterboxes' to contend with:rolleyes: Speak firmly to them

I used to imagine the chatterboxes were small children that were whinging for something. I was determined that they weren't going to have it, and "no", really meant "NO". :D I really gave them 'what for' sometimes :D

Worked for me.

So, I wont wish you luck, you don't need it. Just determination, which it sounds like you have this time around:cool:


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Thanks KD. The naughty children thing sounds like a good idea :) I'll give that a whirl.

Well, today I'm down three pounds. I'm pretty chuffed with that. I know it's all water cos I was chock full of carbs the day before yesterday, but never mind, it's still good to see the numbers going down. Still feeling really motivated too.

Went swimming earlier. Didn't do that much up and down stuff cos the pool was very busy but I guess I managed twenty widths or so--which for me is damned good going, LOL.

So far today I've had a vanilla muffin and a peanut crunch bar. I was planning to avoid the bars until I got myself back into ketosis, but after swimming I couldn't bring myself to wait half an hour for the water to cool enough in the freezer to make a mousse and I didn't fancy a shake or soup. But the peanut bars haven't got any polyols in so shouldn't do too much harm, hopefully.

I'm trying to keep an eye on my fibre intake too this time around. I think I've sabotaged myself a few times by allowing myself to get a bit 'bunged up' (scuse the terminology :eek:). My poor body starts screaming at me to eat just to move things along, I think. So if I take control this time, hopefully it won't happen and there won't be any of those binges where I later kick myself for not realising what they were all about. I'm having a sachet of Fibresure a day to start with... I'll see how that goes before I step it up to two. :)

Once again, thanks for all the encouraging messages. Reading the posts on the forum has really helped to get my mind back in the right place.

Onwards and downwards!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
You're doing brilliantly hun, well done xx


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Aw, thanks Sez, Porgeous (wow--just look at you! :D) and Bev...

Well, I survived day two. And, drumroll...

This morning I'm down another 3 pounds. That's 6 pounds in 2 days, LOL. Very happy! :bliss: That means I've only got another 35 pounds to go to get to my target weight--which is two and a half stones. Now I know to some that may sound a lot, but when I started I knew I had to lose seven stones. For it to be only two and a half now feels wonderful :)

I really can do this, can't I?
Hey Lilly, Well done on getting to day two - you can do it! I am sure it can be done - I am on holiday in just over 2 weeks, so a planned week of CD, so will definitely make sure I get straight back on here on my return to help get me back on track and hopefully Lilly you will be there to say "I did it and so can you" :D

Good luck xx


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Thanks Porgeous and Bunny!


Day 4 already. I think I've got the roughest bit out the way now:) Just been to see my CDC so got all my packs ready for the next week. I got 8 vanilla shakes, LOL, cos I'm now addicted to cheesecake mousse!

No weight loss today, but then I'm not exactly surprised, seeing as I lost 6 lbs in the first three days. Managed to slurp my way through 2 and a half litres of water so far today and I've had lots of hot drinks too, so no worries on the fluid intake score.

And that's that really. God, how boring a post is this, LOL? :rolleyes: Still, give me a few weeks and at least my ticker will look a bit more interesting.

Can't wait to go shopping for that LRD :D


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Down half a stone now! Yay me!

You gotta love CD :)

Been really knackered today--TOTM seems to have knocked me for six. But luckily I've got a few days off work now--haven't got to go back till Tuesday :D :bliss:

Only trouble is, now I've got to get stuck into revision for my next exam on 30 September. That's only 6 weeks away, gulp. Seems to have really snuck up on me this time. Still, if I manage to pass this one first time (which'll make a change, LOL), I won't have another until next year! So it's well worth putting in the extra effort methinks. It's hard revising without a family sized tub of Maltesers, but just think of all the extra time I'm freeing up :)

Here's to a brighter slimmer tomorrow! :party0036:
Well done you! :D

I weigh in tomorrow morning after being (fairly) good since Sunday and I would be sooo pleased if I have done as well as you.

Keep up the good work.:D


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Thanks bettyb :D

Hey, I got my brighter slimmer tomorrow--I'm down another pound today. That's 8 pounds in 5 days. I guess that's the water weight accounted for then. :) From here on in, it'll all be fat--yay!

Don't feel all that bright still though. Went to bed quite early last night and spent the whole time having nightmares. The first was me being caught in a tidal wave (that'll teach me to watch Deep Impact again :rolleyes:), then there was another about enormous spiders, LOL. I put one in the sink and it was huge, LOL, its body was the size of a mouse. :hide: Thankfully, I woke up then...

Hmm, weird... :eek:

Oh well. I entertained myself this morning by clearing out my knicker drawer. Yep, no longer are there any size 20 bloomers in there, just itty bitty things, LOL. Can't believe it, but I filled a bin bag. There's nothing much in the drawer at all now. Sounds like a great excuse to go shopping. Roll on payday! :)


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Wow. I can't quite believe it, but I've disposed of 11 pounds since my restart a week ago. That's the same loss I had in my first week on CD back in October! I never thought I'd lose that much again in one week again, not now that I weigh so much less. I feel like jumping up and down, LOL.

So, only another 8 pounds to get rid of to get back to the 12 stone mark (which is where I got to in May. Hopefully I should be able to get there in a couple of weeks and then I can get started on losing the rest of my weight!

And at least I can say I've lost 5 stones again in total. :D 5 stones and a pound, LOL.

:D Feels like I'm bragging, but hey, this is my thread, I'm allowed, right? :eek:

To any one out there who's thinking of restarting, I say go for it! CD is just the best for getting you off and running again!

Thanks too for all the support I've received here on the forum this week. It's made such a difference. :grouphugg:

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