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so my doctor re-percribed my xenical :) but..

when i was there she said to come back in a month to get some more and get weighed again ect.. but how much do they expect for u too lose because she mentioned if not enuf comes off u dont get more..
ive been averaging 5lb a week wil that be enuf? xx
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5lbs would surely be enough!!!!
my dr is happy as long as i lose weight.
i know you have to lose 10% of your weight int hte first few months...
i would just do your best and see what they say when you go back. some drs are funny and say you have to lose such and such a week, so maybe it might be worth putting in a call to see how much she is expecting.
These are the prescribing guidelines for Xenical....
Therapy should only continue for more than 3 months if the patient has lost at least 5% of their body weight from the start of drug treatment, and similarly it should only continue for more than 6 months, if weight loss has been at least a 10% of body weight. Treatment should not usually continue beyond 12 months, and never beyond 24 months.
My nurse is usually happy as long as things are generally going in the right direction, and I never lose as much as 5lbs in a week, so you should be fine!
how long have u been on xenical? xx
This time, since the second week of January, but I was on it for a year a while back.
I got down to my lowest weight of 12st 7ish on Xenical in February 2008, but I came off the tablets for a while, met my boyfriend (now my ex), piled about 6 stone back on and started again in January 2010!


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i was supposed to write 5% not 10% in the first 3 months or so...

ive been on the tablets since October.

yesterday my doctor was 'wide eyed' :eek: but pleased that I've lost 12lbs in 2 weeks, but we agreed that it is unlikely to continue like that (wouldn't that be wonderful????) so he is not expecting big weight loss every month, just steady!
I'm hoping to lose 4-8 pounds a month if at all possible!

Good luck!
well done on your weight loss thats fantastic! :) the past 2 weeks i have lost 10lb altogether, but steedy off.. stays off :) xx
thanku hun :) and u 2!
im been realistic with my losses, and to be honest i want the overall change of life style so i know its gonna be a long journey but well worth every minute :) xxx

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