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SO......oooo cold!

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Saw my CDC last Wednesday and started on SS+ straightaway (first timer). Had a couple of days feeling a bit headachey and lethargic but woke up this morning (day 5) feeling really good BUT - I am really, really cold. Have stuck to the diet to the letter but have been freezing now for the last 3-4 days, and yes, it is just me, everyone else in the house is walking round in shorts and T-shirts cos I've got the heating on full blast (and thick socks and a woolly jumper :D)

Anyone else experience this, or am I coming down with the flu or something...?
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It does get better but I still feel the cold and its 6 months in. I take pleasure in the fact I've less fat available to keep me warm !! In reality its the fact you're on so few calories that your body has only the amount to keep your functions ticking over and no spares to warm you up. I find my extremities (feet and hands) are the worst and I just walk around and moan a lot about freezing !

You could try having your shakes warm or drinking hot water rather than cold.

For me its a good sign I'm in ketosis so sorry but its not likely to improve. My other consolation is that my super active/superfit friends all say they feel the cold.
My solution was to buy ugg boots !

But it is getting warmer as spring approaches !

Ona serious note keep an eye on your health as there is a lot of flu around so you may have caught the dreaded lurgy but hop0efully it'll be ketosis - which has to be a good thing !

Good luck
S: 13st4.0lb G: 10st11lb
Hi Julie
Thanks for the encouraging words. It didn't occur to me that it may be an indication of Ketosis - hope this is the case -if so can put up with being cold.

Will have to get some of the sticks to test as I didn't think I'd got there yet, as no furry tongue and (not so sweet) breath that I've read about in some of the postings. Perhaps I'll be lucky in that I'll be cool throughout the Summer - either that or I'll be British Gas' best customer this year..!!:8855:


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I really have a very hard time with being cold since I started CD. I especially have trouble at night, so I've started taking my shower in the evening with very hot water.


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if you started last wednesday nelly, i would have thought you would be in ketosis... it does vary for people, but it tends to only take me two days to get into it... but from what you have said i would say you were in ketosis


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on another note, is there anywhere you can buy the sticks apart from cdc?


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Yep i feel the cold badly in last couple weeks. I have a fleece blanket i wrap round my top half now when snuggling up on the sofa.

I also brought my ketostix from local chemist.


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i'm sitting in spotty pj bottoms, vest, huge oversized american football hoody and my ugg boots...

eddy has just turned the heating off cos he is red hot lol


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MY husband has disowned me, I now go to bed in thick pjs and fluffy socks - been freezing for nine weeks..... very attractive hes a lucky man
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Thank God I'm normal lol. I have been feeling like I have ice running through my veins and even with the central heating on, I have been sitting under a faux fur blanket in the evenings and this is a woman who up until a few weeks ago was having severe hot flushes and going to bed starkers, no duvet, window wide open when it was minus 10 outside lol!!


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Yep - completely normal. First time i did ss as soon as ketosis kicked in i was freezing!! So much so that i went out and bought thermal jammies, socks and a HUGE thick jumper. It helped a bit, but i think its just one of those things that you have to put up with.
I'm quite lucky at the mo because i haven't suffered with it.................YET! lol
Hope you feel warmer soon. x


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I don't feel all over cold but my hands and feet get frozen really quickly.

Annie x


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yeah hands and feet for me too chick :(


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How funny - I've been cold too but didn't twig that it was anything to do with the diet, lol?! :eek: I find that I need to keep the electric blanket on for longer in bed but other than that, there's not a massive amount of difference. However I do suffer from horrendous hot flushes (me too, Lorrayne!) so that might have something to do with it - ANYTHING is better than them! :eek:
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Went out yesterday and bought a huge wrap-around furry dressing gown, much warmer than my towelling one, which I will wear whether dressed or in my PJ's around the house forever more....:D

My son is helpless with laughter. Says it makes me look like a big cuddly Dulux dog .....ah bless! :)


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I've been feeling the cold too.
Doesn't help that my husband sleeps with 2 windows open and a fan blowing.
I've been taking a hot water bottle to bed.
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Yep I'm cold too. Glugging all that cold water is not helping either :eek:. But I try to counteract by having lots of cups of tea and having my shakes warm. I usually finish my day with a Hot Chocolate (well, a CD choccie shake made with warm water ;)).

At least today the wind is less cold then yesterday, it felt like it went straight thru me yesterday, brrrrrrrrr.

Soon2bslimmer x
S: 22st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 15st5lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 6st2lb(27.3%)
Normally I don't feel the cold much, but on day 2 and 3 of SS i got really cold, I could not stop shivering. But I'm pleased to say that phase seems to pass.
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