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So pleased


Can hug her knees :)
I know I should but I stand on my scales every time I go to the bathroom, and since my briliant loss last week the scale hadn't moved, I was starting to feel really down about it and was even starting to think I 'would' go to my friends this weekend ( I canceled because I know I won't be able to resist the wine and lovely food)
but this morning I woke up jumped on the scales and they are 2lb down so glad I know your weight can change more than that in a day but it's enough to keep me on track :)
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is a naughty girl...
you only get on when you go to the bathroom? I make reasons to go to the bathroom so I can weigh myself, in different amounts of clothes! I wish my CDC would weigh me naked hehe xx


please try again
I wish my CDC would weigh me naked hehe xx
well you could always ask, just dont go standing near any windows, u dont want to get arrested for indecent exposure


Can hug her knees :)
Lol Megan that really did make me laugh :) I'm dreadful with the scales every time I have to try, weighing in lbs, stns, and kls, on one leg, back to front, and then standing on my hands (okay not standing on my hands but if I could I'd probaly try lol) xxx
Glad to see you have had a major motivator this morning - I jump on the scales at home first thing in the morning, but really we are very naughty scale hoppers!
Keep positive now that you have had a lovely boost x

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