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So Sad


Starting Again!
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to have a rant really. I've been back at class for 7 weeks (6 weigh in's) as was doing really well its gone:
wk1) - 11.5lbs :D
wk2) - 1.5lbs :)
wk3) + 1.5lbs (but I knew why) :eek:
wk4) - 4lbs :p
wk5) + 1lbs (threw a strop) :confused::mad:
wk6) + 1lbs (nearly burst into tears) :cry:
wk7) ?? (weigh in is tomorrow 28/10/10) Edit: wk7) - 6lbs :D :eek:

I've been so upset the past two week, I know it's only two pounds and in the words of my consultant look at it over a month - you're losing a stone a month!

But I was perfect and not a rose tinted version of perfect, honestly perfect because I really want to lose. Which is also the reason I threw a strop/ nearly burst into tears - because I'm so passionate! I'm just so glad they didn't take my stickers, oh sorry I mean awards, away.

I just prey I lose this week, I've worked so hard - gone back to mainly green days, tried to move about a bit more, drank more water, etc.

The first week I gained my consultant told me to chill out and relax; "loosen the corset" so to speak. So I left group, got in my car and went straight to McDonalds! I told her this as I was leaving and had the syns for it!

Anyway rant over, I'm just rambling now. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Natt xxx

PS I know I haven't changed my siggy - I don't want to... so there!
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Ahhh, Squiddie, I understand your disappointment, but if the roles were reversed you'd be the first to tell me to look at the bigger picture wouldn't you? There are a lot of ups and downs to this weight loss lark and persistence pays off.
You're doing really well. Good luck at WI tomorrow xx


Always comes back to MMs!
Keep going and the scales WILL move, sometimes our bodies get mad with us for trying to be good and hold onto the pounds a bit longer than we want it to! Keep your trust in the plan and it WILL happen. Good luck for WI and let us all know how you get on xxxx
For the previous 2 weeks i gained for no reason, i was ready to cut my arm off before wi, but this week i lost a pound,
stick with it and it will come off,

It isnt a race and it doesnt matter how long it takes, we will keep plodding on,

Good luck for this week xx


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Hey Squiddie , how you doing? I can see you have really got into it and losing loads. you are a superstar, dont give up now , bet you get a good result tomorrow , make today a really good day , let us know and dont be defeated before you even get there x x x


Gold Member
I know you know the plan well, so you can do it!
Maybe try some new HEB's to give your body a change (if you haven't tried this already).
Don't give up!
Good luck for your next weigh in, I cant say anything more really than what the others have said but all i can say is you have done so well already and it will come off hun. As the saying says its not getting thrown off the horse that matters as none of us are perfect its the fact your getting back on it and having a fresh week, Good luck hun x
I'm not gonna say on here what you lost hun, but you did amazingly well and I am really proud of you :) I knew you had lost weight... Now you NEEEEEED to get slimmer of the week next week xxx


Silver Member
Yay! That's fantastic :D as Bob the trainer from The Biggest Loser says "Believe in yourself. Trust in the process. Change forever"

Hope I get a fab loss myself tomorrow after a rubbish couple of weeks!


Now to maintain.....
woo hooo!! well done on that 6lbs! amazing x
Cheers Vick. And cheers everyone for your kind comments. I lost a brilliant 6lbs this week and am practically giddy. It all seems so silly now! Just proves how passionate I am and how much I want this.

Natt xxx
That's fantastic Squiddie! Congratulations, and well done!!!! So happy for you. Like the others said, keep looking at the bigger picture and (((feel the love))) :)

You sure can do it babe

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X
That is fantastic hunny :)

My sticking point is allllways around the 10st mark ... i get there real fast but then can i heck as like get past it .... i put on 2, loose 1, sts ... put on 2, loose 1, sts .. get very disillusioned .... fall off plan, stuff face with food (any food .. mainly of the pizza/choc variety) .... find myself at 11 stome again and the whole cycle starts again :rolleyes:

I`ve just got down to 10st 4lbs (and on my scales at home i`m 10st 0lbs) ... So i`ll come and find you when my motivation goes on its hols ... you can give me a kick up the bum :D

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