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*so* stupid -.-


Recovering Cookie Addict
Well after surviving xmas day 100% I cheated yesterday *sighs* My special friend overseas has been being quite mean to me last few days and last night I was just so upset and stressed I ended up walking over to garage for a huge supply of chocolate then eating about a third of it. Am annoyed at myself because I didn't need it, didn't actually enjoy it and once again let a man sabotage my efforts.

I've noted the extra calories so gonna work hard to burn off as many of them as possible before next weigh in. If I can get through this week with even a small loss I'll be happy.

Gotta say I'm not so bothered about messing up ketosis since I've not had any appetite suppression since the start meaning I've been starving for last 18 weeks, so next few days getting back in shouldn't, in theory, be too difficult.

Grr... what an idiot I am, old habits die hard I guess.
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Awh Cookeh don't beat yourself up over it!

Just jump back on the wagon and forget about it, You're doing great!

I guess men tend to have that effect on people. I know they do me, I think when my son went to his dads for Christmas if I would have stayed at home by myself I would have eaten the house and then some with everything going on.

Luckily I had people around who I could vent to.

I hope your overseas friend stops being an ass soon.


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks Frozen, more annoyed that I chose chocolate rather than, say, a healthy takeaway which I know I would've actually enjoyed, I was so disappointed lol

Am back on track today and although I have cravings now I don't feel hungry (weird as am always starving on LT haha). Worked out twice today on kinect, am determined to burn off as much of those excess 1500 calories as possible before weigh in so that blip hopefully won't affect my loss. Burned about 250 cals today so that's no a bad start.

How are you coping today?
I want a kinect! lol and a nintendo Wii! I've spent the pase few days playing on the kids kinect!. lol.

I'm doing alright, I've woke up with the plague this morning which rather sucks. lol. Trying to avoid the food and stuff which I've done quite well with. I think it's good that I have this wedding to look forward to, I want to surprise all my friends who haven't seen me for a long time and look amazing. lol. They'd already be shocked now as I'm 10st lighter. However 10st is alot to lose, but I'm still a big girl. And I want to wear a dress. I'm determined. Makes more of a determination since my ex is the best man, lol.


Recovering Cookie Addict
Hope you're feeling a bit better now hon.

Wow when you say it like that, 10st lost, that's phenomenal, well done you, you should be proud of your hard work, I bet you look great!

I was too sore to work out much today but managed 30 mins. Problem is I had horrible cravings so I decided sod it, I'll have a controlled cheat day and be on track tomorrow. Went to Asda, bought all things I love, got home and made a valiant effort to start munching but I didn't eat much of anything, those foods... choccies, cookies etc, just don't taste the same any more and so I picked then binned. I had some store bought special fried rice and could barely eat more than the meat in that either lol I epic fail at cheating it seems lol oh well, I feel like I got it out my system now and am not craving despite things with my friend still being all over the place. I'll be lucky to sts this week so that's my goal.

When's this wedding you're going to? I bet nobody will recognise you!
Well atleast you've got it out of your system now hun.

Yeah I'm feeling abit better, it's more my throat is killing me. So I'm hoping I don't wake up in the morning much worse. I don't want to spend my last week without my son in bed! It would br tragic.

The wedding isn't until July. I started this diet at a shocking 30st. Which makes me cringe everytime I think about it. I'm just under 20st now, so I still have along way to go. I'm hoping that by July I will be in the 13 stone range, I'm 6ft 2 and think 12 stone would be too small for me.

I'm not sure if that's doable though. Thats almost 7 stone to lose until then.


Recovering Cookie Addict
I think you'll make significant progress between now and July, its definitely doable.

From your avatar photo I'd never have thought you were 20st, you have a very slim face. I have jowels lol and a horrible neck, all my photos are taken at raised angles to hide it lmao!

The loose skin is getting me down too, my punishment for not sorting myself out when I was younger heh no amount of creams are making a difference. Oh well, a small price to pay to be healthy :)
Aw thanks hun, yeah I hope I make good progress.

Lots of people say that about my face, I don't think it looks slim at all when I look in the mirror, but everyone says how I have a slim face and a slim neck. lol When I lose weight it goes off the top of me first, All my tops look like I'm wearing off the shoulder tops.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get rid of the skin, I'm being good working out and going swimming. Also going to be doing 8miles of walking a day once my son is in school of Jan. Serious effort! 2miles there and 2 back! To go pick him up again later. lol It's times like these I wish I could drive.
Just catching up after a few days.....you guys are doing brilliantly! X

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