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So tired, so lethargic

Hi everyone

I am SO tired again today. I am due on in the next day or so and think that must be the reason. I keep having dizzy spells as well.

During my last totm I was absolutely exhausted and felt quite rough. My body definitely doesn't like this diet at totm - it wants some sugar or chocolate!!

Bit down as at my last wi i only lost a pound. Have official wi tomorrow (which will actually be 9 days rather than the week) but know that as i am due on i will probably not lose much again.

Will try and focus on a bigger loss the following week but i know that i will still feel depressed about it!

Went to Underwater World with my little one this morning - Hannah did you get there too?

Will catch up with you all on the daily later

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Awww hun your TOTM does give you grief.....!
Hope you feel better once it kicks off, it is so hard when your loss slows down......keep drinking the water and hopefully it will help.
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I really feel for you, TOTM is horrible (haven't experienced one on CD yet but its looming) and when you don't see the results on the scales it is really hard. You know you will be rewarded once it has been passed with a fabby loss. Give yourself a good pampering, perhaps a long soak in the bath or a manicure.

Take care


I can do this.
awww jodie... try not to feel so down, ur weight loss will catch up with u. I dont have to worry about toms any more (thank god) but i know how horrible they can be when ur trying to lose weight, ur doing great ,so chin up and drink lot's of water, it will help. good luck with ur wi.


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oh, keep your chin up mate. I hate totm too. its the only time I get chocolate cravings and I dont eat chocolate at any other time. Choc tetra's have had to do this time and seemed to work. Just try to take it easy.

Im crossing my fingers that you get a good weight loss tomorrow.
Thanks Porgie, Sonkie, Linda and Sam

I'm feeling abit better now having had my cottage cheese and salad.

I went to Tunbridge Wells this afternoon to buy a new sofa and I felt so dizzy and sick that I thought I might have to eat something out. I was actually hunting for chewing gum as a last resort but couldnt find any! I resisted and managed to wait for my meal until i got home. After eating I feel alot better.

I still feel abit dizzy but will drink some more water and then eat my bar so hopefully that will sort me out!

Thanks for your support guys


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Good luck - you can get through it.

It is the time I most feel like just buying some fish and chips and stuffing my face - but it passes !!!
Hiya Jodie, am in the same boat feel absolutely poop never felt this bad before and am in so much pain so dunno if it's the diet making things worse but i also feel like a giant blimp whale at least it doesnt last for long lol HUGS XXXXXXX
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Feelin your pain too mate! LMAO at the choc tetras, i've been doing that too!! Does TOTM tend to slow your weightloss down? Was wondering as this is my first week of SSing and was hoping for a 10lb loss! xxx
i only lost 1 and a half pounds last time wannabe. Think it will probably be the same this month too! wi tomorrow so will let you know
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Thanks hun! I was really hoping for a big loss as its only week 1 and last time i last 10lbs, will be gutted if I dont see a similar result this time. I wonder why it is that its harder to lose when on TOTM? If its water retention surely that would mean a good inch loss still and a massive loss the following week? xx
that's what i was thinking too coz i've still been going to the loo like it's a hobby!!!
as its your first week you'll probably still do well but maybe a few pounds less than you would have done without totm

God knows what happens to our bodies at totm - all i know is that i feel like *h*t! I usually sail through them but on CD its a whole different story!

Well i'm not used to these pains atall, better explain...i was on the depot contraception injection for 5 yrs and in that time NEVER had any pre-menstrual symptoms atall, didnt even have a period. Came off it in January to go on the mini-pill and every month my symptoms get worse and worse and worse to the point where they used to be before i went on the injection and am almost at the vomiting from pain stage again (the whole reason i went on the injection in the first place) so i'm sulking and tired and grumpy and want to cry and scream all at the same time
You poor thing Nina:grouphugg::grouphugg::grouphugg

I'll stop moaning now, my pain is nothing compared to yours. I really feel for you xxxx
Moan away makes me feel less of a miserable cow lol but thanks for the hugs i just really do feel pathetic. Men have it so easy lol but on the other side hows your day going aside from all the ughh bits?
bought a couple of new sofas so that has cheered me up:D

no work this week so that is another good thing:D

took my little one to underwater world to look at all of the fish today:D

AND i didnt cheat so perhaps today hasnt been so bad after all!!!:D

how about you?
ooooooo sounds like a lovely day!!! Well it was my last day on placement today so i'm off now until the 1st October except 2 days in uni and i got my application forms for my lease car so just have to pick 3 cars i like now lol
aaaawww Jodiejojo and ninababes......I really feel for the both of you darlins.....i have always suffered with terrible period pains...omg, I can remember laying in bed rolling around wishing to be dead....that sounds extremely drastic but that's how much pain I was in. Thankfully I can take 600mg of Ibuprofen and they do the trick.....I think the pain stood me in good stead for LABOUR when I had my little girl....although had to have an emergency section in the end, but still had a lot of the CR$P before hand. And this CD lark when it's the TOTM we can do without it...but we have to keep going, any dizzy spells require immediate sit down with water and if poss. a friend or family member to lend a hand. No good for me as all my peeps are working through out the day.

I truely hope you guys feel better tomorrow, this is day 2 of my totm and I do feel much better today than yesterday.

big hugs to you both and all other totm sufferers :hug99::hug99::hug99:

xxx sj

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