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so upset i cant believe it

i have just been on the school run and bumped into someone i have known for years she was with a girl who up until 4 months ago had been my closest friend we saw each other every day and had been best friends for over 27 years! the first girl said wow shell your shrinking! youve lost loads of weight to which i responded with a huge grin! as i was walking away my ex friend said to the other one "she will always be a fat b****h i only used to be friends with her because she made me look good when we used to go out i used to make her go in the pub first so i didnt look bad" !!27 years of friendship and this is what i get! i dropped the kids off with my head held high then got in the car and cried all the way home! i cant believe a girl i loved with all my heart would say things especially as she knew how i felt about my weight in the first place!
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Well good riddance, I say. If she would be so cruel to say such things about someone who once meant so much to her, then clearly she is not worth it. She sounds like a nasty piece of work, and you are better of with those kind of people out of your life.

She's probably just jealous because of how great you are looking. Don't let her ruin your hard work! What I say, is take the negativity and use it as your fuel to keep going and lose the weight. :)
OMG thats so awful and so so mean .... you are much better off without her in your life .....i bet she's just jealous of what you've achieved....keep that head held high. xxx
Awww, thats so awful. As Mitchsa said, you are better off without her in your life. She's obviously so insecure about herself that she's jealous that you are looking better than her. She was saying it to hurt you. Don't let it get to you. Just carry on & show her how fantastic you look when you get to goal. You wont have to worry about what you look like when you walk into a pub, but she still will! You've done so well so far, don't let that nasty piece of work ruin it, coz thats what she wants. Good Luck hun xxxxxxxxx


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Oh Sweetie how awful to hear that. She obviously has an issue and like Mitchsa said she is probably jealous.

What a mean spirited person! You deserve friends who are kind, loyal and loving. At least you are seeing her true character plus the person she said that to will see her for who she is too.

If I was you I would pity her and move on.

Hugs Catt xxx
she knew how bad i felt she is a size 6 and can eat anything and everything! im now wondering how many of our "random" nights out when i was on a diet were actually planned to throw me off! it just feels like all the years friendship we had were lies!
What a miserable *****!

She is probably pissed off at how gorgeous your looking with a little bit of weight off and is dreading how beautiful you will look when youve finished losing your weight.

Just use the insult as fuel for the fire in losing weight. she was clearly never a true friend.
Aaww hun that's awful *hugs*
She's obviously a jealous old cow! Saying what she did was out of order, I would have turned and slapped her!
Just know that you are a million times better than her. x
thanks guys im sorry for moaning at you all hubby keeps asking whats wrong but i am ashamed to tell him as he warned me ten years ago what she was like! i just feel so down now but not down enough to reach for the food i'll show the little cow what looking good really is! shes really paranoid about her boobs as they look like cream eggs in a sock mine dont seem to be shrinking just getting tighter (still an e cup :) )so when i have lost my weight i will find the tightest most revealing top and flaunt it in front of her!!


I will do this...
Good for you holding your head high. And I can understand how crushed you feel, how nasty a person to say something like that.

Think of it positively though - you must be looking absolutely brilliant - that sounded like pure jealousy. And I bet you the person she said it to must think what an awful thing to say.

Hugs xxx


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That's bloody poor form of her and it says a hell of a lot more about her than it does about you x Head high, you've achieved something great and you're continuing to do that. Funny how weight loss weeds out the true friends! You'll show her hun, just one more thing to motivate you!!!
Stuff her, friends like that you dont need!

ps she is probably miserable, as thin people cant just eat what they want and stay slim, one way or another they limit what they eat ;) xx

mrs a

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what a horrible person she is and she is eaten up with jealousy cos you are looking good. ;)

tell your hubby what she said - he should know why you will never be friends with that evil cow again.:rolleyes:

just know that you can improve on your figure but there's nowt she can do with her twisted evil nature :mad:

she just made it up hun - dont dwell on it - she's a saddo:grouphugg:
It's always sad when we lose a friend. It's also sad that she clearly has nothing positive in her own life so has to try and belittle you. I strongly suspect she would have said anything to make her seem more positive.
Beauty also comes from within hun, and I'm sure that, despite being a size 6, she's pretty ugly.
Use it as motivation! Imagine the day you hit your target and you can sashay on by looking fabulous and she can just look at you furiously.

She also probably didn't mean it - people react really weirdly when you start losing weight - we've all had those people who, when you've lost a stone, tell you that you are starting to look drawn and you need to eat even though there's another 3 to lose!
thanks guys i know your right and i took your advice and i told hubby and the doctor what had gone on the doctor told me i am like a different person and she confirmed that according to my notes i was 18s 12lb this time last year that means whether i go by my scales or hers i have lost over 5 stone in a year and hubby told me that no matter how pretty my "friend" thinks she is he would rather a girl like me anyday as she is poison!


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What a miserable *****!

She is probably pissed off at how gorgeous your looking with a little bit of weight off and is dreading how beautiful you will look when youve finished losing your weight.

Just use the insult as fuel for the fire in losing weight. she was clearly never a true friend.
hear hear xxx


Sensibly losing :)
Omg how on earth did u not knock her teeth down her throat? Poor you! If I ever heard someone saying such a thing I think I would still have to give em a slap on behalf of someone else...

This says more about her own personal image than yours... truth be known she is more insecure than u, hence why she felt the need for u.... hold your head high and let the ***** get on with it - her sourness won't be a one-off, she must lack friends and much more in her life if a genuine quality. You are worth far more n 5 stone is a huge amount. She must be a right old munter to feel the need for backup when entering a pub! Lol!

Toffeeapple, nearly cried laughing reading some of your posts..... not supposed to laugh as 4 days post-op for stomach surgery! Certainly put a smile on my face :)

I suggest giving her a slap and spending some negative gossip round school yard for extra sing! Doesn't even need to be true ;) mwah ha ha! Xxx


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She sounds like a real dark ***** (pardon the language).
Why are so called women like that?
Your best off without people like that as you are worth Trillions and hey I can now see why I've more male friends than female ones. As for female friends over my 35yr life I can count them on one hand the rest are male and both lots I trust.

I'm certain you have better friends even if you don't see or speak to in months or years but know that they will be there for you when in need whether you've done right or wrong and give you a bollocking, a laugh n giggle aswell as put their arms around you for a hug n a fees tears those are the True Friends

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Oh sweetie, what an absolute cow she sounds. People like that do not deserve your mind space, she must value herself as totally worthless to say things like that, so treat her with the respect with which she accords herself! You have lost an amazing amount of weight, and are probably prettier than she will ever be xxx

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