so upset


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Hi all,started lipotrim in jan 09 and switched to cambridge in april,came off diet ages ago and kept weight down,2 days before xmas i weighed 11stone 13,when i started i was 16 stone,anyway over xmas ive totally messed it up and now weigh 12,10 im so so upset im due on as well so thats making me feel worse but ive just cried and cried i hate myself so much and wish i could break this bad relationship with food. before xmas i felt so good and ive just gone and sabotaged it again.i dont want to go back on tfr cos i dont think its gonna help me wot do i do :cry::cry::cry:
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Dont be upset!!!

I gained 6lbs over christmas!!!

Its the season too be jolly!!

Have a look at everyone in the maintainance section.. A few have gained aswell and are straight back into their healthy eating to lose the weight they have gained.. go back to the refeed type of meals



tuna salad

chicken and veg

and it will drop off i bet chick xxxxxxx


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didnt want to read and run sending hugs but cant do them with smilies.
Be kinder to yourself 11 pounds isnt that bad with TOTM due - that could account for at least 7 pounds of it - Xmas has been and gone dont beat yourself up - decide how you want to get rid of it and go for it. TFR isnt easy you may be able to lose it with a conventional diet x


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I am so sorry you are feeling so down. We are only human and we all mistakes what is important is that we learn from it. You have to look forward now. If you don't want to do a TFR then you probably should steer clear as it is hard enough at the best of times but if your heart is not in it this will make it even harder. Maybe you should try healthy eating and excersise?

Wish I could be of more help and hope you feel happier soon x x


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Aww parkerela, Your not alone feeling this way. Im back doing tfr because I over indulged, its hard to maintain. But with losing on tfr though, I loved the results and even though we let things slip we know it's in our mind about undoing our good work. You should be proud of yourself that you want to do something about it. Maybe have a go a LT again it would only be for a short while and whilst doing it you could plan your maintenance and see were your downfall is. I know mine but im only human and I will keep trying. Think of how you felt when your weight was coming off and tell yourself that is were you want to be. Sorry for rambling but im talking for me here too lol. xxx:)

irish molly

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It's done and dusted!! Learn from it and move on. I agree with Chelly, why not just do a careful refeed diet and you will establish better habits and lose the weight gradually. Just get back on the horse and you will be fine. Don't be so down on yourself, you did well to lose the weight in the first place.
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You have done really well to maintain for so long, and hopefully next christmas you will not do the same thing and only put on 5 or 6 pounds!

If you can't face TFR then why not try doing meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, there are some greta new products out now that taste good and are high in protein, so you could use these to benefit from ketosis and still eat chicken and veg in the evening.

You can get wafers, bars and even crisps that all keep you in ketosis on the the diet i am doing and you dont have to do just TFR. You only have 10 pounds to lose! Thats easy...

3 weeks should see that off with eating real food too!

Good luck and chin up!



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Thanks everyone for replying,ive not been posting on here for a while although ive still been reading everyone elses posts im glad i did cos i sometimes think im the only one that has this prob with food but of course im are all so understanding and i really do appreciate all the kind words,im gonna give myself a big kick up the bum and sort myself out and if all else fails i can always go back on tfr for a couple of wks.Thankyou all and hope you all get to where you want to gonna stick around on here and start posting again instead of loitering in the background.That will help me to stay on track. xx


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Hi Park
You did well with maintaining and only lost it over Christmas, which i think everyone can say they did too! too much temptation, plus you will probably find that you are well bloated with tonnes of carbs!

I reckon doing the refeed would shift that in no time at all.

If you have deeper issues with food, then dieting is not going to help completely, but at least it is a start.

Hang in there, and yes, keep posting, definitely helps!

Let us know how you are getting on.


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hi scotsmist,i think i prob do have issues with food but dont really know how to overcome them,i do realise that most people have gone off track at xmas i jus feel dissapointed and am feeling sorry for myself.its just bloody hard keeping weight off isnt it x