So what has doing the CD taught you about yourself?

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  1. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    I'm only a week in but have already realised two things.. My fiance and I both eat very healthy, homecooked, nutritious food.. Everything organic and cooked from scratch... I couldn't undertand why I was gaining weight...

    But one week in I am starting to realise... I snacked a huge amount, more than I think I appreciated.. How did I justify it? "Oh, that can be my treat"... But when treats happen every day, sometimes twice a day, that's not a treat - it's habit!!!!!

    Also, my portion sizes were huge.. I'm doing the 790 plan rather than ss, already I'm starting to feel full with the 790 meals... I was eating way more than that before - I think, in part, because I'd matched the portion I was serving to me to the one I was serving my fiance.. I didn't need that much food but it was nice.. So I ate it!!!!

    Just wondering what things you guys have all learnt? Might help me (and others too!) understand a little more where I went wrong before, if I can understand that it might help me when it comes to maintaining my new slim figure!!

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  3. kazbro

    kazbro jelly belly

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    i agree with all what you have said sunflower

    i`m on day 4 of ss and so far it has taught me just how much i ate of the kids plates
    if they left a sausage i would eat it
    they were snacking on pringles last night
    if i wasn`t on ss i would have had abox to myself
    just didn`t realise exactly how many times i ate in between meals
    ie:biscuit here a crisp there

    ss had also taught me self control
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I think I learnt a load about myself during SS and the plans up to maintenance.

    Just a few of the many things I learnt:
    I found that I hunger didn't kill me, that I could work through it and it would often disappear.

    That I often mistook thirst for hunger

    That more food doesn't always mean greater satisfaction, or even relieve hunger any more than just a little bit of food.

    I learnt a lot about trigger foods and how protein kept me going longer.

    Yes...and the snacking too!
  5. Serendipity

    Serendipity Full Member

    Good ones!
    1) I have learnt that if I really want to do somthing i can.
    2) That I have to do it only when I am ready
    3) That i'm actually very rarely hungry, just thirsty
    4) That I spent an awful lot of money on snacking
    5) That you can go out and find alturnatives to pizza etc
    6) That I have the greatest friends who support me every step of the way.
    7) That I will emerge a swan!
    8) That I can go on and on and on making lists!!!
    have a lovely day
    S xxxx
  6. Happe

    Happe escaping the fat

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    Slimming World
    Ive learnt that;
    i wont die if i dont give in to my craving for toast.
    i actually like getting compliments.
    my kids will support me, i just had to ask.
    i love walking.
    i want to be slim even more than i want that t bone steak and fully loaded jacket spud.
    i can do this.
  7. Amanda (Loopy)

    Amanda (Loopy) CDC

    Cambridge Diet
    I've learnt that I can do anything if I put my mind to it...

    and I've also learn if you take your eye off the goal the weight can easily creep back up again!!
  8. Joeyroo

    Joeyroo Full Member

    I've learnt the art of appreciating food instead of gobbling it down in one go and still feeling hungry an hour later......

    I really didnt appreciate it enough.......and strangely i'm now craving healthy foods such as salads vegetables fruit, fish........all the types of food that used to just be a side dish to my burger or steak...............

    I've also learnt that food controlled my life!
  9. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Ahhh, there's some really great stuff there, thank you... I'm hoping that I can really learn why I ate the way I did, I really want to stay slim this time.. I've lost weight before - I used to be just over 9 stone - and tiny (36-28-34) but then I moved back down here again and put it all back on.. I dont want to do that this time!!!!

    Any more of these would be really helpful, they're great!!

  10. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Excellent thread!!!

    I learned that CD is a tool which I can use to get slim/stay slim - after a lifetime of thinking that I would always be fat.

    I've also learned that managing my weight is like raising a child - consistency and hard work EVERY minute of the day is required otherwise my ahrse will get an Asbo!

  11. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    This is a really good thread, and has got me thinking.

    I think the main thing I've learned so far, is that I can feel confident again. For many years my self esteem and confidence in certain areas of my life has been very low. I'm not quite at goal yet, but with each day I feel better about myself. I now feel that food dosen't rule my life, where I would constantly snack all evening, I don't even think about it anymore.

    I've learnt I can be happy again:D :D :D :D

  12. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Isobel - hahahahahaha, I ~love~ that idea!!!!!! Only it wouldn't just be my bum getting the asbo - would be all of me!!!!!

    minilady - ahhh, what a lovely answer... I hope you stay happy babe! :)
  13. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Anyone mind if I bumped this back up again? :)
  14. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    wow great thread
    I have learnt that I am not fat because it was really was the amount of food I ate!
    that my food choices were really awful
    that eating the leftovers from the kids was probably a meal in its own right
    to throw food away wont kill me
    that craving something DOSENT mean you have to eat it!
    and also that rumbly tummy means thirsty not starving!!

    what WAS I doing before????
  15. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    i have also learned that just because you crave something dosent mean u need it

    i already feel healthier and happier, i havent lost much weight yet but already dont feel as bad when i go out, cos i know am already doin something positive about it :)

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