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Some advice and a nudge needed

I've been on plan for a few weeks now and have lost 4lb. I don't weigh until Tuesdays but because I use the chemist scales and I was in the area this morning, I decided to weigh a day early. I haven't lost anything and I'm gutted because I'm going away on wed and wanted another loss before I go. It doesn't seem likely I will lose anything by tomorrow but I'm really confused as my clothes are definitely looser than they were last week. Even my boyfriend has commented on it. Is it possible not to lose lbs but to lose inches? I've not been exercising.

Also, as I'm going away on Wednesday to visit family in Milton Keynes for 10 days, I am worried it will affect my losses. My boyfriend suggested finding a scales when we are away and although they won't match the scales I use, I could use them as a guide to see if I gain or lose. I will be there for 10 days so I will be able to weigh on them the following week.

Thank goodness for wifi because I can still access minimins on my iPhone while we're there. Does anyone have any tips to keep me' on plan
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Honestly, I think you'll have a lovely surprise on Wednesday, especially if your clothes feel lose. Yes, it IS possible to lose inches and not weight, especially if you exercise.
Why not use SW's postcode checker to find a class near where you're going on hols, and drop in to WI while you're away? Better than using other scales and getting a false reading :)
Good luck and enjoy your break x
you will be surprised how from day to day the scales weigh you differently.

thats why the girls on here recommened not getting weighed before your weekly weigh in. tempting as it can be dont do it.

i bet you will be surprised when you do your weekly weigh in, dont go by what you were today.

i used to scale hop and my weight could differ by as much as 4lbs from one day to the next!

as for your 10 days away, it is a jollyday! but you could be sensible my making good choices when you eat out or why not let your family know what your eating and im sure they would be more than happy to cook you meals within plan, maybe even jion in with you and try some.or you could cook them some meals and let them try them.

have a lovely time though whatever you decide :D
Thanks for your replies girls. I don't go to group so use the scales over the chemist once a week and that is how I have been judging my weight loss. So, even though I weighed a day earlier than normal, they were the scales I was using anyway. I thought they would have nudged down a bit, even if it was only 1/2lb!

I am going to pack some savoury rices and pasta and sauces so if I am stuck for meals, I can always have some of them. Plus, we're going shopping when we get there for a few basics so I will make sure they are SW friendly. Expect to see me on here, bugging you all for syn advice and help while I'm away hehe :p

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