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some advice please??


Hi all, just a quick question. In a few weeks I may have to stop the CD cos I can't afford it:(. Has anybody got any ideas on how I can maintain my weight lost without putting it all back on as I may have to go straight back to conventional eating. Has anybody had any experience of this? Please help....

Tanya x
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Maybe you could do the Atkins as you still stay in ketosis, so I'd have thought you would not put any weight on. But you'd need to watch your calorie intake.


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I'm not really sure, but I think if it was me, I'd try join Slimming World or Weight Watchers, the losses aren't as big but, the diets are healthy and will stop you from gaining the weight you've already lost. Even if you only do it for a few months just to head your head back round eating and being in control again. Hope this helps - it's just what I would do in this situation. xx
Thanks. It's just that I tried ww the last time I had to come off and started piling weight on. The leader said it would subside and stabilise but I just hate the thought of working so hard and putting it all back on
If you join slimming world and stick to the red days you should be alright, so long as you keep your carbs to the minimum. I managed to lose alot of weight years ago with them, all be it alot slower than a VLCD, but alot cheaper


Laugh in the face of food
In that case I'd talk to your CDC about it. S/he's bound to be able to help. I know that my CDC would hate to find out that I'd put on weight because I didn't speak to her about something like this - I realise that not everyones CDC is that supportive, but it's worth a try. That's all I can suggest really, unless anyone else has any bright ideas. Atkins might be worth a try like ZoBo suggests.
yeah I'm thinking if I can get down to about 9 stone by start of Nov, I should be ok. want to be 8 stone but can prob do that on a ww prog or sw. I'm abt 10 st 9 now, do u think I could manage to lose this and get to 9 by Nov? I lost 7lb in my first week
Tanya, you really need CDC advice, I wouldnt come off the diet by finishing a ss programme and then go straight to normal eating, that is a sure way to over load your body and pile weight on.

The way to finish this diet is to follow the stages. 810, 1000, 1200 and 1500. It re introduces food the correct way, and the correct amount for 2 reasons, one, to stabalise and 2, to stop cravings. Once you have done the stages then you can choose which eating plan to follow no problems x


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also moving up the stages does become cheaper as you use less packs. but it is recommended. you could possibly do the cd 1500 plan in any case to maintain and lose slowly for a while. this involves one pack a day i think so it cuts the cost right down?

abz xx

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