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Hi I'm Michael, I'm 26 from Scotland and have being trying to lose some weight. I'm 6 2" and medium build though I have a couple of stone excess fat I want to lose.

I've basically been trying to cut my calories right down, get the nutrients I need while not going hungry.

For the past couple of weeks I've been eating brown toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast, not eating till dinner then just having 2 slices of brown toast a full tin of baked beans with onion chopped through them and maybe a couple of eggs with the yolks taken out. I also make a huge pot of soup with lentils, potato, onion, carrot, turnip and leek, which lasts me through the week whenever I fancy a bowl.

I count my calories each day and they never exceed 1500 and I'm fairly tall. As well as this I'm walking everywhere and only using the car when necessary which tallies to about 3 hours quick pace walking a week. However I'm not losing any weight despite eating 1000 calories less than the allowance?! I have noticed there's a lot of carbs in there but it doesn't exceed the 230 RDA, is this where I'm going wrong, too many carbs? I know the beans have a lot of sugar but its still way below the RDA of sugar as well.

Any advice would be really appreciated thanks,

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The RDA doesn't apply to all, really.

I recommend cutting out the starchy carbs that are found in potatoes, white rice and pasta and anything with white flour. Go whole grains!


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I think you are not eating enough calories - 1500 calories is what an average woman would need to consume to lose weight and you are a 6ft 2 bloke! The average for a man to lose weight is 2000 calories. If it is calorie counting you want to do then find an online BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator - enter your details and it will tell you the number of calories your body needs to function every day. 500 calories a day less than that should lead to around a 1lb loss.


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Firstly, can I just say, using weight as an indicator to how much fat your loosing is not a good idea. Your body weight is made up of many different elements such as fat, muscle, water and others.

The real way you should be measuring your 'weight' loss is using some sort of body fat measuring devise such as callipers. Trust me, its not weight your interested in, its fat.

It is a common situation where someone is not loosing any weight, but they are getting thinner. Even some people on this forum experience this.

Thats the facts out of the way, now my personal opinion.

I think your eating way too less for you to be healthy. And if your starving yourself, then that's bad because your not getting what you need. Your quite tall, so you would need to eat more food than the rest of us anyway.

But what you want to do is increase your metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns the energy of the food you have eaten. A google search will give you plenty of info. If you havent done weight lifting before, i would recommend you start. The muscle you have the more calories you burn, naturally raises your metabolism. And obviously the best way to burn fat is to do cardio-vascular exercise.

Fat is reserve energy storage in your body. The only way your gonna get rid of it is by using it up. So my recommendation to you is you should do a little bit of exercise, muscle building as well if possible.

But most importantly, you must remember that weight is not the factor you should use to measure fat loss. Let me give you an example someone could be 14 stone, and they would be considered overweight if it were all fat, but someone of the same height could be 14 stone with mainly muscle, especially since muscle weighs more than fat. And muscle is one of the factors, water and other things determine weight also.


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Agreed...if you don't eat enough the body will go into "starvation" mode and start storing. Have you thought of trying Slimming World? You can buy the books online and follow along at home/minimins if you don't fancy group.