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Some CDC's should be shot


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Heard about someone who has started CD.

The CDC told her that she couldn't do Sole Source because it was so hard nobody stuck to it.

So she was told to do 790.

The client is 5'8.

She was told to have two shakes per day plus a meal. The CDC sold her two shakes per day only.

She should be on four shakes per day for a start, on Sole Source, then the meal on top for 790.

Where is the training for these stupid people?

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Actually if she was doing 790 she should be on 3 packs and a meal rgardless of height .

if you have a bad experience of a cdc then the best idea is to contact the headquarters so something can be done about it, but like any service you get good and bad people in the same way as you have good and bad clients on diet

cdc norwich


Loving the Cambridge Diet
This is true - but there have been so many instances of many CDC's not having a clue about the Cambridge Diet at all!!

I had already advised the person concerned to go to another CDC and to report the current CDC to Cambridge Headquarters.


Cambridge Counsellor
Oh dear. The cdc in question doesn't exactly sound like a great motivator! Aside from being incorrect/unhelpful, her/his advice makes no business sense at all - the cdc could be selling the client twice as many cd packs if it was done properly!

Jo x


Loving the Cambridge Diet
What a bad image for Cambridge, though!

Cambridge works so brilliantly well that it is sacrilege for the CDC to do this to the product, that is aside from misadvising the client.

Apparently the CDC is very dogmatic in her approach and will not discuss the issue with the client at all.

Having said that, I emailed a few CDC's initially and the response from a couple of them left a lot to be desired - very negative. "You do realise that you may not be allowed to do the Cambridge Plan, you may have a medical condition that would preclude you, you may find it too expensive........." !!!

Maybe she just had an off day - who knows.
Oh what a shame, hope she gets to find a cdc who she feels at ease with, but most cdc`s are great and very helpful, just look at how much advice is available on here from them for free.
They don`t have to give it, they don`t get any financial gain from it, just a wanting to help people achieve their goals.


Gone fishing
Oh what a shame, hope she gets to find a cdc who she feels at ease with,
Yes, I believe she's looking for a new one now. It's so annoying, because you wonder how many people have seen this CDC, and assume it normal advice and that's really how you are supposed to the diet:mad:

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