Some help!?


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I have been trying to start SW again for about 5 months, and have no idea why I just can't DO IT, like I did last time! Lost 2.5 stone last time I was on SW, have kept most of it off, put on about 5 pounds, so still 2 stone less than before, however, I still need to lose about 2 stone and my motivation is just gone! PLEAAAAASE any second/third/fourth whatever timers, help me! How did you start again PROPERLY? with no cutting corners or cheating!!!! xxxx
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Why do you need to lose weight? Write the reasons for losing weight down and stick them somewhere you can see them. How about having a "fat" picture up on the fridge or something to remind you of what you don't want to be again.

If I were you, I would take a week's break, then re-read the SW books and get started again. Make sure you plan your week's meals in advance and experiment with new food and recipes from on here/on the SW website.

Good luck!!!


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I am one that has started SW and fallen off the wagon a few times.
I think it really is all in the mind and having focus and something to aim for.
I hated being overweight and not fitting in any of my nice clothes. I also hated sitting and having my tum on my lap and as far as looking in the mirror... I shuddered.
So, I knew I HAD to do something and SW is the only plan I am interested in. I focused, gave myself a stern talking to and here I am, 2 pounds off target and loving myself again.
I think you need to decide which you want more. Do you want oodles of "bad" food or do you want to be slim?
If you opt for the "bad" stuff, then you can't be slim... BUT if you want to be slim, set little goals and go for it.
SW is so good, and EE is just so easy that before you know it you will get there.

Good luck!