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Some Insperation I Hope?


If you read my previous thread last week you will know I have come back on Lipotrim after Christmas to get an extra 2.5 stone off after losing nearly 3.5 stone before Christmas. Originally I was 19st 8lbs...

Anyway as of today.. first week in on the second phase...

Lost 16lbs!! Thats 1st & 2lbs lol!!

The first time I only lost 8lbs in the first week.

At say half that rate I probably will only continue for another two weeks and at my discretion I end my Lipotrim experience completely.

All I can say is just even when your having an off day... and we've all had them.. then just remember HEAD HIGH! DRINK THE WATER! SAVOUR THE SHAKES! lol and you will get weep the rewards :)

And I must admit I've drank about 500ml - 1litre of Coke Zero & Dr Pepper Zero near enough every day.

Sorry I'm Just So Chuffed lol

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Lost 16lbs!! Thats 1st & 2lbs lol!!

Well done Matt:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
Well done Matt. Second time on lipotrim i think is slightly harder and it seems like you are near your goal and you can almost taste success (something other than milkshakes and flapjacks). Keep it going!!!
Well done, that is great :) I am going to show this to my partner that i have been trying to convince to try it. He only has two stone to lose, if i show him this he might give it a try!

Still, i have to say, men have it far too easy on this diet! Grrrr


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That is amazing. You've done really well. I bet you couldn't believe it when you got weighed!! I'd love to lose 16lb in a month let alone a week!!!!!!

Well done.
absolutely amazing mate! well done!

h x
Thanks everyone :)

I do admit actually men do have it a little bit easier than the females on this diet... I wouldnt like to be making family meals.

Also arent the Male milkshake sachet's bigger?
lol no offence taken haha!

I agree, I just stay away when my family are eating... although my friends arent as kind haha... I get taken to McDonalds and I have to sit and watch them eat Big Mac's while im sipping on an overpriced bottle of Vittel haha..

Saying that I kinda get a buzz over the fact im not eating it haha... strange eh
this was post a year ago!!!

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