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Some inspiration for newbies....

I know some of you are starting and some struggling and know how tough it can be. I have managed to sick wih it, depite some major setbacks along the way (5 ibs toal loss in 3 weeks being the major one!) and wanted to share the advantages of the prog and what has changed for me. I started a huge 15 stone 5 and at 5 ft nowt thats HUGE! Constant backache, miserable, hips hurt and generally felt pretty crap about myself.
OK so I am only on week 7 & a long way to go but already there are huge plusses. I've lost 23 ibs and over 28 inches (as of last week the measurements as havent done them this week). My clothes are literally dropping off & I actually have no idea what size I am now! Possibly an 18 from a 22/24...
I am not denying its been hard. On one trip to tesco (Which I now avoid) I was almost in tears because I just wanted to eat. Something. Anything. Managed not to, came on here & vented and got through it. I've focussed on getting through each day and try not to think about the journey ahead beause its such a long one. I'm starting to learn not to compare myself to others as my losses have been low and inch loss high while others are the other way around & thats been a hard lesson to learn.
I am also learning not to use food to cope with everyday situations and am now at the stage when stuffing my face is no longer my immediate reaction to stress, tiredness and anger....well anything actually. It feel so liberating I can hardly tell you just how good that feels.
For the first time in a very long time & am starting to have confidence in myself. I had my hair chopped off yesterday (photos on blog later! Need to get someone to take them!!) and it feels great! Always had an image of long sexy hair but it doesent suit me! Bones are starting to emerge and I am having to get used to a new shape; my boobs are shriniking with alarming speed; legs & jaw bone returning and I do have some loose skin which some will go and the rest I will have to just get used to. Its not great but it is much better than feeling **** about myself.
The best part of this is the love bit. I am learning, possibly for the first time, to love myself, warts & all. Even better I have been so enormously touched by the love, support & encouragement of my family, friends, work collegues, group and you lot here. I really could not have done it without all of those - esp people here who know what hell this diet can be at times. So a heartfelt thank you from me.
Bottom line (albeit a very sagy bottom that could do with a few bum lifts!!) is that some days the diet is so unbeievably tough but if you manage to resist and stick with it the benefits well outweigh the tough bit. Even better there's no guilt afterwards or having to get back into ketosis! So hang on there pepys - it works if you work it!! Big hugs!
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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Very inspirational, you've done great I hope I do as well as you.



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That's an excellent post and if I were new to this it would definitely inspire me to stick with it :)



Hopeful for the future
Great encouragement

Hi In search of me (good name)

Thanks for this it really helps and is inspirational.
I joined this week and you were one of the great people who welcomed me in. I bet you were chuffed with the loss - lbs or inches what does it matter so long as your shape is changing? Which it obviously is if you're clothes are falling off you. Well done!
However, I do find that things dry up here (in threads) and I find it difficult to see/chat to any of the people who have already sent replies etc (unless we happen to be around at the same time). I know we can't be in every thread and everyone has their own favourites, but it would be nice to have a specific thread for newcomers:) . I hope this one takes off.
I have a huge amount to lose - 7 stone - and at only 5 ft I look horrible, so I have high hopes for my journey on LL. It hasn't been too bad really - just the smell of cooking food making me drool etc and I can see that getting more difficult to resist after the first flush of success (I hope), so I'm sure I'll be looking for encouragement (and indeed give it too when necessary) for a long time to come.
Hopefully we'll talk soon


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thankyou so much
i was feeling pretty stressed out today because for some reason i am feeling soooo hungry
but you have made me put it all back into perspective again
you are a real inspiration
Hi In search of me,

Thanks for that, it really is so inspirational for me as i am due to start this coming Thursday morning!!
You are doing so well and should be really proud of yourself, how fantastic that must feel.
you've made me feel excited at the prospect of starting this journey, which is a change from the stressed out, worried me of earlier today!!
Good luck with everything

Caroline x


likes posting.
thanks so much, im feeling so inspired now, i start tuesday, im 5 foot & over 15 stone, im fed up of backache & all my other aches.i cant wait to get going now.
Thanks for those..Just wanted to give people a bit of hope as know how tough it is at the start.
tishtosh why not look in the thread where peope started the same month as you...people don't generlly "chat" live but there is a chat room. Have you had a look round the whole site? There is quite alot on here! Also I started a blog which has been good when I wanted to "talk"...quite cathartic! Just a thought...
Nicky have you had enough water? Could it be "emotional" or "tired" hunger? Took me a while to suss that they feel the same as physical hunger!!
OOps crossed posts Eileen & curvy (but not for long!!) go for it! Its tough at the start but just grit your teeth thorug it, get used to the water (& make sure you drink the 4 litres a day cos you feel ill if you dont but dont overdo it - LL told me MAX 5.5 litres a day - been if excercising)!). Your body does adjust but initially you feel glued to the loo!! Still pee alot but not as much as at the start!!
Keep it up giries - I PROMISE it will be worth it! Just dont cheat cos then you're back to square 1 and its hard to go through the initial stages to ketosis again...one thing thats actually put me off cheating! PLus if you're struggling post on here & there is usally someone on to support you!

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