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some people!!!

ok well my friend came round today and i really dont mind people eating in front of me they have to eat lol.
but she weighed her self at my house and she was 9 stone 2 and im 9 stone 13 and she turned around laughed and said i can eat a mc donalds because im only 9 stone 2 and that really upset me stupid i know.
weigh in tommorrow looking forward to it hopefully wont be disapointed its totm though :cry:
hope your all doing well xx
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What the hell did she say that for? Strange thing to say. Ignore her sweetie. You're doing brilliantly and in a couple of weeks you'll be the same weight as her but you'll not be polluting your body with junk food.

She'll not be 9 stone 2lb for much longer if she keeps shoving Maccy Ds in her gob!

*hugs* and you'll be fabulous at your weigh in tomorrow.
I'd have made some witty remark ..
don't let it bother you though your nearly there and you prob won't want fatty food like that for a while if ever

debz x


Success leads to success
Thats not very nice! This is what I HATE about thin people who are big headed, simply because they are a low weight - does not necessarily mean she is healthy - she could have a body fat percentage of frickin 99% for all we know strangling her internal organs (ok overdramatic lol), gosh some people eh? :)
If any of my friends said that to me I think I'd slap them. I'm a bit aggressive, me ;-) That's not on though, if she says it again maybe you should pick her up on it?

Feckin friends. hmph. you will have the upper hand soon !!!

Good luck for your WI tomorrow. xxxx
it's mean isn't it...but when my skinny friends do similar things I think "ONE day my friend...ONE day" and dream of getting sweet sweet revenge!

Ignore your friend...she probably didn't realise how insensitive she was being.



Positivity is the key
Hi, strange how the word 'friend' doesn't describe the people we spend time with sometimes. Sorry you had a nasty comment but it doesn't deter you, just makes you stronger, eh!!
As Jodie said, she may weigh less than you (at the moment) but shoving that cr*p food in her will fur up her arteries! I bet you are healthier than her. These skinny people will get their comeuppance - it isn't just fat people who have heart attacks and develop diabetes. She will get hers babe!

What a boast! I can eat McDonalds! Big Whoop! YOu can go for weeks without food! Shove that in your gob mickey Ds!

Jealousy and sabotage babes -let it motivate you!
Jelly, friends like that you DON'T need. I can almost guarantee that when that day comes and you do weigh less than her she will be telling you you are too thin and look ill! Just ignore her, it will just be jealousy.

And another thing, she maybe skinny but she's a cr*p friend! Very few people are beautiful on the outside AND the inside!!!!!

You are doing well babe!



A little of everything!
What a boast! I can eat McDonalds! Big Whoop! You can go for weeks without food! Shove that in your gob mickey Ds!

What a strange thing to say though? I don't think it was even 'nasty', I think she's a little threatened by your losses maybe, and covering up by reassuring herself she's still thinner than you- why else would she weigh herself in front of you and comment?? Weird....:confused:
Some friend... McDonalds is vile stuff anyway, what an odd thing to boast about!!

She may be slim (as are you, i might add!!!) but if she's eating rubbish like that then she won't be healthy, which is damaging her body even if the fat's not caught up with her yet (which it might!!)

If she says something smilar again i'd just say to her that you've made your choice and you'd like her to support you during your dieting and afterwards when you are back on food.

You're doing great, hope TOTM goes ok on LT for you xx
you are 3 weeks (MAX) from weighing the same/less as her?! how odd?! i agree though, it'll be jealously and she's reassuring herself. in a months time, dare you to get on the scales again with her and go "oh, look at that, maybe i should order a domino's."

i know i know, 2 wrongs dont make a right.

I totally get were your comin from, like i'd have to agree with irish mum on this one. had a situation lik tat meself last ni but this girl had been on lipotrim a couple of weeks.
i think maybe she wants you to fail because you'll knock her outta the lime lite. so let her do watever because you have everything she wants xXx

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