Some piccies of me


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Hey, hey, hey!!!! Looking good there, Bellybee - you can really see a difference!!!! How much have you lost so far?
Won't let me view them either BB :( I've tried clearing cookies and everything!

Debbie x
What I did was to log into photobox, then closed that window and re-clicked on BB's link - it worked for me!
Thanks Isobel - that did the trick!

There is definitely a difference but what I found is that, because I had a lot to lose, it took time for my head to catch up with what I was seeing in the mirror. In my eyes, I couldn't see a difference until I'd lost about 3st although others were telling me THEY could see a difference.

Also, hubby said that I'd lose a bit, then a bit more, then some more and all of a sudden - wham! - I'd suddenly shrink! I find this shrinking business really interesting - and exciting too: I also get excited for other people as well!

Keep up the fab work. You're doing great!

Debbie x