Some Positive and Negative Comments!


Finally...Life begins
Met some friends for a night out, that I haven't seen for a while and it was great because as I walked in someone said out loud, bloody hell Angela you have lost loads of weight!

Took that as a compliment, and then a lot of people were asking me what I was doing and I received a lot of compliments thru-out the night!

Then today, in my two sizes smaller clothes, feeling pretty positive i took my daughter to the park and I met a friend of my Dads who I haven't seen for two years, When I last saw him I was 8 months pregnant. He chatted for a while, said I looked well, and spoke to my daughter. Then he said, So congratulations in order? no 2 on the way? Pointing at my stomach?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused: :mad: :(

Of course I laughed it off and called him a cheeky bugger but all I can think about now is that comment, nothing to do with the compliments!

Why oh why do I do it to myself! Really spoilt my weekend!
How rude !!!

No wonder ur annoyed - try to put it out of your head and focus on the lovely comments you got on your night out :)

You've done brilliantly !!!
Hi Angela, Iknow just how you feel!! about 5 years ago there was a big family party now as i was so overweight i always made excuses not to go to parties ,but my parents begged me to go, i reluctantly agreed !! Wished i hadn't the one uncle out of many (never liked him anyway!) said at the top of his voice "Good God aint you ever got big !" I was mortified! But i quickly replied " I can lose weight ! you can never get rid of THAT face!!" Then my dad had a go at him for being so rude!. Mind you i still got my coat and left i was so upset and uncomfortable !
For what its worth dont let 1 a***hole spoil your glory!! u are doing really well and i for one as a starter and only in my 3rd week love to read your threads ! so thankyou! You are always so encouraging to others!! Lots of Love Sarah xxx
Gosh we are all so hard on ourselves aren't we :rolleyes:

I for one have always welcomed a chance to feel down on myself and now know it is because I never felt worthy as a person. As a result I took on all the bad and forgot about the good.

I don't do that so much anymore but don't have a quick fix to stop anyone else from doing it.

I just hope that everyone reading can find a bit of strength to be able to remember the good about themselves :)
:eek: Cheeky bugger hey! Some people don't think before they open their mouth! It really annoys me!

Ignore it... Think of all you have acheived...that'll fill you with lots of warmth hopefully! :)

Thats the problem for overweight women...another indignity of people thinking were pregnant...

Happened to me a few times in the past...someone offered me their SEAT on the bus whilst pointing at my stomach also.

I dont blame the person...after all they were doing a nice thing HAD i have been pregnant but i wasnt and the sting hurt...

Sadly i mustve looked heavily pregnant...ouch...double ouch thinking about it...

Dont panic, you got loadsa compliments...focus on that.

Ahh Ange,
forget about his comment, sounds like an ejit anyway!! You know you've lost weight and are feeling good, so don't let him take that feeling away from you :D

I on the other hand have put on a few pounds! Took the kids to see my mum and dad last night, and my dad pipes up, 'Ger you're putting on weight, or are you pregnant?' :eek: bloody cheek of it... 'No says I, I've told you before you'll never hear me say that again!' Anyway I later took out my before photo from my purse, and says to him. 'well even if I've put on a bit, I'm no where near what I was there'. He says, ' No but you soon will be!'

Ange some people say things without thinking, hope you've not dwelled on his comment too much and remembering how good you felt last night and before you met the ejit today!
The others have already given great advice! Keep going for YOU and next time you meet, you'll be able to wipe the smug grin from that persons face! I'm sure they already feel stupid though!

It's lovely that your friends have noticed! And are realising the change in you. :D
Og Ange,its awful when people say things like that.

You're friends are the ones that matter, and they gave you loads of compliments.

You're doing brilliantly
I've been there too, and it's awful.
last year at my Dhs xmas do,20 of us sat around the table, and one of the others managers asked me when the next baby was due, I'd had him 5 months before.Everyone laughed, out of embarrassment,and I was so upset.
Men just have no tact do they?
Concentrate on the positive thing's you have heard, and just think in a few months/weeks time that man will be eating his words :)
Oh honey, i know how you feel cos it happened to me about 6 years ago! My sister was just about to have her baby (we look alike) and when i was in the shop, a cousin of ours walked in and said to me "Hiya Kel, not long to go now then?" I said "Hiya Lesley, I'm Karen and i'm not pregnant". She was mortified bless her!! I laughed it off.

Listen hun, you've done amazingly well and someone saying this to you shouldn't annoy you but should only spur you on even more to get to that sexy temptress that's just waiting to be freed....

Come on, chin up and turn the anger into positive motivation!!!!!

Lots of luv,