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somebody please.... just kick me up the bum!


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Hi all!!

This whole diet mallarkey is such a rollercoaster isn't it?!

im on my seventh week n suddenly crumbling! :( I have alot more weight to loose.. around another 5 stone give or take:eek:. I have been so good and so into this diet for the past 6 weeks losing 26lb which im absolutely blown away with, so why o why am i about to destroy all my hard work!!

im kinda thinking this may be a long post!

My OH has been away for a month and is due back this friday night:D missed him so much, but its been a great motivator as in how much can i get rid of before he comes back, my last weigh in took me 2lbs short of the two stone mark so figured id hit the 2 stone on my friday weigh in right?? wrong!

so never had a prob with the water, but since sunday its all going up the wall!!

Sunday - didnt drink enough water but other than that stuck to the plan
monday- just about drank enough crammed it in at the end of the evening and then got really stressy with lil one and then..... ate dry cereal... like three handfulls! PIG
Tuesday- water really bad only half way now n its gone 8.30pm and cheated! I ate 2 mini packs of smarties and four marshmallows. what an idiot!:(

I don't even now what im doing I really don't:confused:. I so need to get this weight off this time and I dont want to fall off the wagon completely but Im worried these slip ups are gona escalate I know I shouldnt let them but im on a slippery road.

I been so tired this week after having insomnia last week all i wana do this week is sleep :D weird huh! so i think that hasnt helped with my motivation plus I think really missing oh now n lil ones nagging where is he i miss him etc AARRRGGHHH

Excuses excuses excuses I need a fresh start as of like now! not tomorrow not monday now!! I dont tell familly n friends if i have a slip up as they dont have much faith in cd so wanted to grass myself up somewhere in the hope il get a firm kick up the bum or atleast realise what the hell this is all about...

Anyway sorry for spouting on so much, Im gonna get some pictures posted before and during maybe that will help also thinking of starting a blog maybe.. ANYTHING!:D

Dya think its too late to still lose 2lb this week since last fri to this fri after all my naughtiness!
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Don't know how much help i can be but all i can say is keep trying and don't give up. Think about what YOU want and be you own cheerleader....advice i try to take everyday.
Good luck babe x
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I think you need to forget what you have done bad and concentrate on the great loss you have had :)

Just think of the look on hubbys face when he sees and hears of how your hard work is going :)
Hmm, do we go with tough love or sympathy, I wonder?

How about a bit of both? :D

Been there. Got the T-shirt. Self-sabotaged myself so many times and for much sillier reasons than yours. But you can get over this.

So far you haven't actually eaten that much. I know it seems like loads, but it isn't, not if you're telling the truth. :)

But if you don't nip this in the bud right now missy, you'll fall right off the wagon. Never mind about "Can I still lose 2 pounds by Friday?" - it'll be, "Oh God, I've gained half a stone!"

Treat tomorrow as a fresh start. Get back to drinking that water and guzzle it down - flush out those naughty carbs. You've been strong enough to post here about what you've done - so I know you're strong enough to fix this. You may not lose those 2 pounds by Friday - but look at the bigger picture - you're still nearly 2 stones down! That's a fantastic achievement in anyone's book.

You can do this!


please try again
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kick up the bum you say? sure ill oblige :copon::asskick:
theres a smack for ya too
now what was the question again?

oh yeah tomorrows another day hun, put it behind you and crack on tomorrow


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S: 19st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 3st11lb(19.41%)
thanx guys :) i refuse to be beaten by this battle of the bulge!!!! took a hot candle lit bath drank a litre of water doing another half n off to bed to start a fresh tomorrow. thanks for all your support im back on the hoarse (kinda convincing myself here too) il re post when i go to my wi to see what horrific dammage ive done or maybe scaved :)



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Shell, Don't worry about what happened - think of now and what you are going to do now. :) and make sure it includes water!


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Good Luck shell, there is plenty of good advice and encouragement here.
Let us know how well Wednesday works out for you x

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