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someone freaking slap me!

I opted for a swim after work today, but in the blur that was the first day back at work this morning.. and first morning back up at 6am. harsh.

i forgot my swimming cossie.. and the pool is on the way home from work.. not enough time to go back, pick it up and go back to pool.. so i knew plan was screwed. However. .
i had to pop to market and get oranges (oh how i love oranges at the minute!)

however.. i somehow also managed with haribo and 2 donuts. yes.. a whole bag of haribo and two jam donuts.

*bangs head against wall* what the hell is wrong with me!
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I second Sarah-Jayne, you're growing a bubba, you're allowed to slip a bit!!


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:vibes: You will not do this again!

Sorry but I couldn't slap a pregnant woman!
Thank you for angry vibes and slap over head ( OH says im not preggo properly till theres a bump, so still slappable!) haha

i'd like to say there was any food to chuck out, cos i ate it all. But then i made some wholemeal pasta, passata sauce and bacon with cheese. Much better for the babber. I resolve to try harder tomorrow! x
No no no!!! this wernt no baby brain, this was ferns-secretly-still-a-fat-girl- brain!!!!!

slap me damn it! i need to be told!
Don't be hard on yourself slim girl................what is 2 doughnuts in the whole scheme of things.? Nowt !! Just write them off, you know you can.
It was a sugar craving and it won !! So what.....no big deal.
You are a star, even stars eat doughnuts now and again.

:vibes: You will not do this again!

Sorry but I couldn't slap a pregnant woman!
LOL. What a good soul you are lol !!

It's a new day today Fern, just forget it and make sure you have some SW sweet things with you each day cos it will happen again whilst you are pregnant and the last thing you want is to carry any unnecessary fat. Baby will weigh enough.
I craved milky way chocolate and even had my ex husband out at midnight looking for a vending machine that had it. I wasn't lucky enough to have SW around in those days or even the knowledge we have nowadays.
hahaha. Poor Joe. I'd only have to blow on him and he'd tip over..no need for several large men, the poor lad knows it's not worth risking his dinky over. . id totally kick his ass, and win!


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Atta girl :D

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