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something i still cant get my head around??


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right well i will use today as an example, after the days out i will have eaten aprox 1016 cals (will be more but that what i have planned on food focus so far) and then i will be doing 40 mins of excercise, 20 min walk, and 20 mins of yoga which will altogether burn 278 cals, so my net cals will be 738, so do i need to eat what i have burned or not, i am soooo confused. everywhere says you need to burn more than you eat, but then also you should never go under a certain amount of cals. so what do i do?? :confused:
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Hi assj :)

How have you worked out your daily calorie limit? If you've used BMR what did you set your activity level at?

I'd say you should probably eat more on the days you exercise, but I'm no expert and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will come advise you a bit more soon.

Personally when I exercise I don't automatically eat more calories on those days, but if I am still hungry then I will let myself have more.
yeah the old fashioned way to lose weight is to exercise and not replenish the calories but i think you should eat enough to cover the exercise you're doing. the 738 seems awful low though so i suggest finding out what you should be eating i.e. your basal metabolic rate. here is a link - don't know if its the best or not but you can look around yourself if you fancy:)

Basal Metabolic Rate : Calculators : Discovery Health

you don't want to leave yourself short on calories cos it might hinder you weight loss if you go into starvation mode. basically your metabolism slows right down and its much harder to lose the weight so keep the calories up. i suggest about 500 less than the bmr after exercise and you will lose pound a week. slow and steady;)

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