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Something is wrong!!!!!!!

I have been on vlcd for 5 weeks. 2 weeks Lipotrim and 3 weeks exante. Since starting exante l have only lost 5lbs. Am l doing something wrong. I have not cheated once (honest truth former girl guide lol) l drink 4.5 litres on good days only 3 days last week l drank 3.5l. I feel so low coz am doing stuff right i walk like 3 times a week. I have started wii boxing exercise, will start your shape/biggest loser in a few days. l do not know whether to stick to it or go to slimming world and have same losses but eat the food:cry:. I am feeling so low have lost a few inches, keep forgeting to buy tape measure (sleep deprived baby and autistic boy) so can only tell coz my jeans belt is a bit bigger now.

If l take myself out of ketosis will it help? Jump start my body then start a few days later. Am tired of being fat people my knee hurts:cry::cry:
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Hang on, according to your signature, youve lost 23lbs IN ONE MONTH - thats absolutely brilliant!!!!
The 1lb week can happen to a lot of people for no reason whatsoever, and youve no reason to be down with a 3lb loss, thats bang on average for a VLCD, 14lbs a month is the guideline, 3.5lbs a week, so if youre expecting more than that every week, youre going to have a lot of disappointed weeks. Youre doing really well, 23lbs in a month is fantastic!!!!

DONT take yourself out of ketosis, being in ketosis or out of it doesnt affect how much weight you lose, it just makes it a lot more bearable.
..........I understand your frustration but I would say hang on in there. You had such huge weight losses the first couple of weeks I just think your body is adjusting itself. One think I know for sure if you start to add food into the equation the weight loss will inevitably be much slower and there is more room for slip ups. I reckon that the next couple of weeks will produce better weight losses so just give it a bit more time. Good luck xx
I feel miserable... its really getting me down. 23lbs is a lot its just that when i give it a 100% i expect 150 back lol. How much did you start at (sorry its too personal)? I read something on here other day about the scales not being important if you know you have given it your all. I suppose i just have to wait and see. I have read your diary and it`s quite good. Thanks Starlight x x
Good tip Joanne.... av just spent 30 mins dancing with OH, DS and DD. Before that we all did 10 mins each on wiii lol. Now am sore all over....


Likes to change diets...
Hi divalicious:) Well done on your weight loss so far...fantastic!!

Dont get disheartened...when I was on LL a lady in my group had a pattern of weight loss 1lb, 1lb then 6lbs and back to 1lb etc.
She was distraught as others, including me, were losing 3, 4 or 5lb a week..sometimes less.
We are all different....the rate our bodies lose weight and sometimes what doesn't show on the scales shows in our clothes or measurements...so hang in there!!

Also another point....if you do too much exercise on a vlcd it can be counter-productive...your body will hold onto weight.

Hope this helps:)
Also another point....if you do too much exercise on a vlcd it can be counter-productive...your body will hold onto weight.
lnteresting, will just do toning exercises then :)

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