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Something to Die(t) for - Nilo's Diary - I've rejoined & need to lose 10" in 170 days

Well thought it would be a good idea to start a diary, I weight myself last saturday but didn't really start till yesterday. But i stuck 100% and didn't even use any syns. I weighed myself this morning and i have lost 2.5lbs, must have been all the walking in London. :bliss:

My OH is trying to fix our bathroom, because tuesday night at about 11.30 i was merrily taking a shower, leant on the wall while washing my hair and the wall caved in. Fricking great, the whole bathroom is rotted but we rent so not alot we can do, we can't call the agency in as we have a kitty and bunnys we're not allowed :hide: and i can't find a job so we can't afford to move.

Anyway we have friends coming round tonight and they are having pizza and a chocie brownie dessert, i'm not sure what to do, shall i join them and just write they day off or be good and just have a little slice of pudding?
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Oh bum, that didn't go according to plan, i had pizza AND chocolate cake :cry: but i resisted the chips as well. Hmm well with it being weigh day i'll write it off as a treat and get back on track tomorrow, bit mad at myself though, damn my lack of will power :mad:


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There is nothing wrong with having a night off. If you haven't had any Syns this week then you are due that dinner with your friends. When is your wedding hun?


Slimming for my children
hey just keep at it. you will be fine.
How do you keep the animals without your landlord knowing as we would love kitties but cant as our landlord would get fined 1000. but i miss animals so so much!
We have the house rabbits before we moved in, then a year later we got a kitten and its been a year since we got her. They haven't asked to come round yet and we've lived here almost 2 years. Its more the estate agents rule rather then the owner. Most new builds won't allow pets even if you own the place.

Taz i get married October 17th next year!! :D


Slimming for my children
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thats my friends birthday 17th October so i will remember your getting married lol.

good luck and you will do it dont you go worrying. As long as you picture yourself in your dress then you can see the goal in site!


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Oooooh Just under a year!

You will be ok love - Just stick at You will get there!x
Thanks girls,
i'm really loving this diet, doesn't feel like a diet really. Today i have had muller lights, wedges with bbq sause and the biggest plate of spaghetti with cheese (hex)!! Fiance is mad because i wouldn't share my wedges :innocent0002:
I'm not even think about dresses until April, depending how well i do, if i go shopping when i'm a standard 18 then i still have 5 months to drop into a 16.


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
thats lovely!

Have you got pics of yaself on profile >> off to look....

IF not - get some upx
Tonight is the first night i want snacks, i've had chicken and wedges for tea and a muller and i'm still hungry. I want crisps and chocolate and yummy goodness. :break_diet: but there is nothing in the house.

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