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Something to worry about or fairly normal


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This first bit is a bit personal so bear with me.

In my teens (now 21) I had very severe bulimia, I still have very serious mental health problems but have considered for the last 2 years or so to completely free of eating disorders and their behaviours. I have a lot of weight to loose to be considered healthy- medication over the years playing a part

My partner has been worried I've been obsessing too much over SW I do think about most of the day but is this normal esp. remembering I'm only on week 4. I haven't thought about purging at all so I thought I was doing ok until my partner said something when I said I felt guilty for eating a fat free yoghurt at 2am.

Is it normal to think about loosing weight through out most of the day and fantasise about reaching target weight a lot? I considered this normal being on SW but I am worried after what my partner thinks she's noticing in me that it isn't?

Are lots of other people thinking about as much as this? Do I need to be cautious or is this completely normal?
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Hiya! I don't think it's wrong to think about it a lot, I think everyone does! But you shouldn't feel bad or guilty about eating food. As long as you're not having negative thoughts about food or yourself then I wouldn't worry xx


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I obsess ALL the time shall I shan't I! Can I can't I? Etc I am a nervous wreck weigh day and get to group 15-30 mins early so I can weigh and relax! And I may be the extreme end of the scale but I imagine most people dieting are the same! And that includes you, I guess your partner is worried it's affecting you more due to your past. Sit down and think yourself and be honest do you think your more obsessed than everyone who is dieting - I doubt you are! People who don't need to diet or have never had to diet don't understand who it can consume you because you literally always have to think about what your going to eat to avoid going off the track!
Good luck you'll get there in the end! X


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I wish I could answer the question for you in respect of it being normal. All I know is that I think about it quite alot as it helps me keep on track. However, you shouldn't feel guilty about eating free food, remember it's free, and it wasn't a bar of chocolate or pizza and you're not purging (or thinking about it) which is a big thing.
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I am totally obsessed at the moment, I really dont think youre alone in that! I am on here all the time, checking recipes and thinking about the next meal and weight. I also churn myself in knots just before W I so its nice to know others feel like this too. As was said before dont feel guilty about what you eat, on S W you can eat LOADS and still lose weight. Try to relax, you will get there, but no youre certainly not abnormal. Hope this helps you
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Hi I am in my 8th month of SW and i still think about it all the time, talk to my husband about it alot too and come on here daily .... i just feel very committed to it at the moment because I want to loose the weight for the last time and maintain it ... I have that kind of personality as well because I do put my heart into everything that i do, especially things that i want really badly so please dont worry about it .... u are doing really well and its nice to just keep on track with things ... Good luck xxxx
Maybe keep a diary and record your feelings so you can keep an eye on things. I'm no expert, but it's worth being aware of your negative thoughts and feelings jst because of what you've battled with in the past.

We all think about food a hell of a lot when we're dieting, so that's quite normal. But I would just try and dismiss any guilt feelings, as if you start entertaining these kinds of thoughts it can be very destructive to the diet.

Good luck!


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Christ knows what normal is, but you sounds much the same as me - and I'm three years in! lol
As far as I know I'm mentally sound, and free from any recognised eating disorder, but for many, many years I had no interest in food, and used it purely as a fuel. SW has totally changed that for me, and I now think about food and recipes pretty much 24/7 :) I can't say I have any notions of guilt attached to my eating, as I trust in SW totally, utterly, and 100%. SW has taught me to EAT and to ENJOY eating, something which I would never have expected :) Obsessive? A little. But normal? Who cares?! lol
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I've been doing this a week tomorrow and I'm constantly thinking about syns/food values/meal planning etc etc. I spend ages on here reading recipes and info and have scoured through my slimming world books so many times I know them by heart! I think it's perfetly normal we are learning a new way of eating and until our heads are totally around it I think we are all the same.
Well done for losing weight healthily it must be very hard after suffering bulimia, keep up the good work!! xx
I think about what I am eating...what I am about to ear...what I could eat pretty much 24/7.....................although I'm not sure I've ever been described as normal so maybe I'm no help ;)

Relax hun and trust the plan and ditch the guilt.

Really pleased you are not tempted to purge...that's fab news :)


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I think about slimming world alllll the time and i'm over a year into it!! Come on here daily, keep a food diary and scale hop daily! I think it keeps me on track! And motivated and enthusiastic about the diet! I talk to every one I can about it, as I think its great!!! Also I picture what I will look like once at target, so that's normal to me :D
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I'm now on week 6 and I'm still obsessed! Constantly talking about it, constantly on this website, but if I didn't I think I'd quickly fall off the wagon!

I can understand your partners concerns given your past, but my OH thinks I'm nuts always talking about syns etc! So I'd say you are pretty normal. Well done for doing you slimming the healthy way!!
Keep up the good work and please don't worry about the free foods, trust the plan!


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I too used to purge in my teens, but haven't done for a long time now. I suffer with depression and anxiety which is being controlled through medication and also counsilling.

However, I personally am finding SW a very positive thing in my life. I struggle to see the best in myself a lot of the time, so seeing the weight coming off has given me a whole new perspective on myself.

PLUS - SW is much more than just a diet - its a way of life!! It really, really is - you are re-educating yourself about food, how to cook it, whats right and wrong, what you can eat lots of and what need to eat in moderation. My husband, friends and work colleagues are seeing a whole new me - in body and mind - as this is something I can do and am sucessful at doing.

I have a love/hate relationship with food, and as soon as my depression and anxieties would play up, i'd raid the fridge then feel mortified after. But because my outlook about food has changed, its now my friend rather than enemy.

Hope this helps xx
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Two years on SW and i'm stil obsessed about my weight and think about it all day every day. I think it's normal (well, I hope it is).

Hello fellow Ipswich'er by the way :) x


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I am 55 years old and have obsessed about food for most of my adult years - I think. I have been dieting since I was about 12 years old - how sad is that !

I think about food all the time too - I am sure that I have food 'problems' - because I've had two little tarts tonight with custard I've been saying that I am totally bloated and SHOULDN'T have had such a big tea/dinner (it was OUR valentines night dinner - as I wouldn't get time tomorrow) I know I am silly - but I've always been the same and I'm afraid that I am also a weigher - I get on the scales EVERY morning - times that by about 30 years - how many times have I weighed myself ?

I'm not hurting anyone, I'm not hurting myself - its just something that I do and have done for too many years to change.

Good luck staying on an even keel - wish you loads and loads of luck for your future.


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Thanks for all your support and advice everyone it's really helped :)xx
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:crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:So there you have it. We are all a bit obsessed about S W! Actually this thread has helped me a great deal too, as I was beginning to think I was becomming a bit "deranged". Seems I am quite normal (not normally said about me) ha ha. I even walk round the supermarket with the food directory in my handbag!!! Now is that normal.......(answers on a postcard).
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I started again in september and i think about it all day everyday and talk about it to everyone my husband people at work and even my male boss lol im sure they are all bored about it by now :D
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hollys nan said:
I even walk round the supermarket with the food directory in my handbag!!! Now is that normal.......(answers on a postcard).
I got my book out in Morrisons last week and felt so silly but then realised nobody else cares! And if they did know it was the SW book they'd probably be feeling guilty they weren't carrying theirs lol! X

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