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  1. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Hope your all doing well! have been lurking around the board for a few days planning my re-re-re-re fresh start!
    Hope you still remember me? Iv tried a variety of diets since the beginning of the year (as per usual) lose a few pounds then put them back on! Also tried to stick to minimins and then getting lazy or not having the time! So basically ive been quite crap. I'm at an all time high in weight and low in self esteem and its time to turn that around. Im hoping to drop 1 stone at least by 27th September when I leave for Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage.

    Ive tried and failed all year so really need to make a diff in the next month and a half will appreciate all the help and encouragement I can get to stay on track and keep updating diary just to MAKE me stay on a good eating plan.

    I started my low carb eating yesterday.

    Today I have had:
    b- 2 egg omelette and mushrooms with a seek kebab
    s- chicken tikka and 1 seek kebab
    l- broccoli, celery and carrot soup with cheese
    d- chicken with a beef burger (no bun)

    Been really hungry this evening. plus TOM so that doesn't help.
    Need to start exercise but on Monday
    Will be doing daily: 100 crunches, 20 backward crunches, 20 leg lifts, 20 pushups, 20 plank twists, 20 squats.
    I am looking to start the 30 day shred again but 2-3 times a week and alternating through levels as I keep doing 5 days and then getting sick of it or lazy.

    Ive got about 8 weeks or so will tick them of in my signature as I go along to encourage myself.

    Start weight is an embarrassing 14.5 stone :-( soo unhappy with that but its my own fault.
    Ramadan is behind me now so I have no excuses.... except for my mums 60th B-day and maybe my bday where I will have a slight cheat meal but the good thing with the food we have is that you can still enjoy without eating carby food just gotta be clever about it n stick to meat based starters with salad.

    Most of this is a rant to myself.

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  3. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Welcome back and good luck. You sound focused. :)
  4. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Great start :) good luck on your weightloss journey
  5. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Thanks coffee lover!

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  6. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Thanks jerroicebenton!

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  7. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Long day today! Late shift at work. Was the only one in the office untill 8pm! Sucks working late on a sunday!

    B- 2 eggs mushrooms n cheese
    S- chicken tikka kebab
    L- green vegi soup with cheese
    D- donner kebab (shop bought)

    Guna do my strengh exersize in a bit. Drank more water today but also had a few coffee's.

    Going to Windemear with hubby n kids tomorow for a family day out! Packed sandwiches n crisps n crossants n fruit for them guys. A grilled baby chicken, cheese n boiled eggs for me. With some cucumber slices. Looking forward to my day off!

    Its my 34th Birthday on Thursday and i will try to stick to plan for the day bar one small slither of cake (my kids have picked out for me as a surprise that i obviously dont know about!)

    Also looking forward to starting 30 day shred either tomorow or tuesday.
  8. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Enjoy your day out with family - food sounds yummy. :)
  9. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Fab day yesterday! Stuck to low carb all day but having said that didnt actually eat much!

    Today was a bit better

    L- vegi soup
    S- vegi soup
    D- ommlette with 2 seek kebabs

    Going to cook some cauli mash sheperds pie tomorow should give me three dinners.

    No weightloss so far but im just giving myself a week to get in to it. Got 4 days in newcastle coming up thats guna b a challange!
  10. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Thanks coffee we had a great day n weather was awsome! I didnt even get half of my chicken eaten none of the cheese n forgot my cucumber slices at home!
  11. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    So got ready for work this morning with 20 mins to spare and managed to fit in breakfast! Soo pleased with myself! Get to work have my quick glance in car mirror to check my make up.... only to find i forgot to put it on! Looked like crap all day! But atlest i had breakfast!

    B- scrambled eggs
    S- coffee
    L- vegi soup
    S- vegi soup
    D- cauli mash shepards pie if i can be bothered to eat.

    My legs are really sore for no reason whatso ever! Havent done any exersize in 3 days due to headaches in the evening! Falling apart at the seems in my old age.
  12. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    I've done that before with the makeup, it's a shocker. lol. :)
  13. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Been away for a few days! Was not able to maintaine my diet unfortunatly! But ate more protien than carb food. Back home now n week of late shifts.

    Today back on track
    B- egg with mushrooms n pepper
    S- 2 seek kebabs
    L- cauli n broccoli soup
    D- steam veg, seek kebab n fish

    strengh exersize

    Started taking the pill last week n seem to be reallly bloated n also put on 2 lbs in 1 day! Is that normal? Is it a hormone thing?
  14. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Ok maybe my scales are broken! I got 6 diff weights this morning none of them impresive! Still very bloated but feel better with myself.

    Exersize in the morning.

    B-eggs mushrooms pepper n cheese
    S- seek kebab
    L- caulbroc soul
    D- steam veg, fish n chicken breast

    Snacked on baby bell cheese on my 8 hour late shify. Probs not the best idea.

    Really need some motivation.
  15. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Had a good day today drinking more water. Trying to avoide hubby right now with his 12"pizza! Good job a had a massiv late dinner n stuffed! Hate these late night snacks n temptations.

    Exercise in the morning

    B-eggs mushroom pepper n cheese
    S-chicken breast slices n kebab
    L- caulbroc soup
    D- steam veg, chicken breast, fish and a beef burger (no bun) was mega hungry this evening.
  16. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Well done on the water, I'm drinking more too, makes such a difference. Soup sounds lovely. :)
  17. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Cutting down coffee is helpinh me drink water i think. Loving my soups all home made so i know what goes in them. Guna try spicy tomoto n bell pepper this week

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  18. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    No more distractions now! Was sis bday yesterday n ended up eating half a bun n a small poetion of fries for tea! Evening was a cup of tea n a crossant n bag of crisps! Ruined my day. Exercise in the evening.

    B- 2 eggs
    L- soup with 2 seek kebab
    S-baby bell cheese
    S- chicken nuggets
    D- steam veg with tuna mayo n seek kebab

    25 min walk after my asda shop
    Exercise to go in the next few mins.
    Shower then bed! been a long day n starts again at 6am!
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  19. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Birthdays and holiday are tough for all of us! Good day today :)
  20. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Tell me about it! Ive had 4 birthdays including my own in august! That was the last though so guna just keep to eating plan n get more exercise in.
  21. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Exercise is key! I realize that but fall off the exercise wagon sometimes. x

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