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soo hungry ....

hi all im on day 6 and im bloody starving 2day:eatdrink023:, dunno why, but iv battled through and stayed 100%.......
iv even been to the gym to try and take my mind off it lol, 1st time of going while being on lipo and i felt a little dizzy coming from ther but do feel better for going ...
and cooking the kids tea was murder:drool:, i no il get days like these but just thought id moan to all of you who will listen:grumble:
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Poor you - I'm sure it gets easier though so hang on. I'm back doing all about w8 after a 6 month break, just starting week 2 and it's really hard!!!! Still it worked well last time so no reason to assume it won't this time. Keep going - you are doing all the right things, and it is so worth it when the weight comes off isn't it?


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Funny that, I was hungry on day 6 too out of the blue. It'll pass! Keep drinking the water, distract yourself with the telly/good book/ pampering and you're right to come on here for a moan - that's what it's for!

Chin up and good luck x

Ps Good on ya for going to the gym in the first week! I was too tired and feeling sorry for myself then that I didn't bother doing anything lol!
Hey Claire, youre doing great hun to get to Day 6. The first week is very tough, Im only on Day 1 and it not easy. Exercise makes you hungry, and not telling you what to do, but maybe avoid till you get into swing of tfr. I want to exercise too but going to wait till after week 3, though I might do small walks. I think tfr takes getting used to so dont put too much pressure on yourself. By the way, youre doing great and natural youre going to get peckish. Just dont give in, think why you want to do this and how bad youll feel after. You go girl, youre doing it and youll keep doing it!!!! xxx


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awnothing worse hun,im finding myself like this a little today too,but im gulping down the water now and gonna sit by the fire n watch a movie,im still shattered,dunno why im so tired at night but i sparkled the house again today,if i stopped i wouldve eaten the wood off the door lmao! ;) x
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Day 6 killed me too that's strange!!!! I'm struggling too today just smellin food is makin me real hungry. 100% tho have soldiered on lol x
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you'll probably find goin to the gym will make you worse, burning more fuel that you arent replacing generally makes you hungrier..... thats what usually happens to me anyway. im now not lookin forward to day 6 lol


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Hi Claire, hope you are feeling better today.
I was the same as you and could not understand why until I woke up this morning to find I have a period:mad: something I dont normally have :eek:.

Not sure if this could be the same for you?

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Im dreading the totm i hope i dont retain any water....ive heard you do 9 days to go thou so we'll see
:) :) :) :)
hi all thanx for all your kinds posts, im glad to say im feeling no hunger 2day, i even nearly forgot to have my 2nd shake, ended up havin it late,
its 100% for me all the way, i did it last time and i wont cheat this time, no matter how tough it gets...
iv gora say the gym didnt help, but i was hungry b4 i went and it passed an hour without me thinking of it lol,
Zeldas>> i started my totm the same day as i started lipo lol, so i had all of it together + a virus on top, so my 1st few days wer quite tough , but i got through it as i always do...
And of course the main thing that gets me through is all you great friends on here xxx
S: 18st2lb C: 12st12lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 5st4lb(29.13%)
ive not long had the implant out, so my totm seems to be every day atm!! so i tend not to even think about when i next come on! on for 3 weeks at a time, off for a week, on again, luckily no cravings with it lol
Claire, great to hear youre feeling better. Youre doing fantastic. Im dreadin my totm, which is another two weeks away; hope and pray I even get to that point. Well done to you xx

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