Sooo cold


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I'm finding it really hard to do the diet now autumn has truely set in. I am sooo cold and find it hard to consume the liquid.
I love the veg flavourings and have my shakes warm but when I'm at work it's not easy to make hot orange so I keep a litre of bottled water at my desk.
I feel the need to comfort binge as I'm not filling up on water but I'm trying hard (apart from a biccie and a handful of roses last night).
This diet was alot easier during the summer. I am getting close to goal and don't want to undo my good work.
I ahven't taken my coat off at work yet and I've a jumper & cardi on. Helpful colleagues say its because I've lost too much weight and there's no fat on me. Believe me there is. BMI is 24 so I know I still need to lose to be comfortably in the range.
I think the time has come for the heating to go on...
I posted about being cold yesterday,I was told its a good thing as its because your bodies in Ketosis, didnt help my freezing cold nose or feet though
I feel for you, I too have a jumper and wolly socks on
Hey Wez, it's not easy doing it at this time of year is it? My hands are freezing!! Just think though - you're so close to goal. I too am losing the same amount of weight as you, have a BMI under 25 and am nearing goal but still have 21lbs to go (well weigh in tomorrow so hopefully less). You've done really well - better to be thin and cold than the alternative!!
Glad to know I'm not the only one who is COLD! I put tights on and a jumper. Just had half a hot chocolate - which has helped a bit - but my hands are still freezing !!!
Cheers everyone, I didn't think it would just be me.
Finally got my hands on a hot orange!
Wish I could stomach black tea, but it just doesn't look right.
Hi all.I feel the cold more to and as I am one of these people that wear summer cloths all year,never wear tights its so strange,Lucky CD is so great and lots of weight gone as I have brought tights and boots also wear trousers now where at over 20st I never felt right in them.I am going to buy a long coat as well,I never wear coats but will this year.
Think hubbie is pleased in a way as I was always turning heating off but put it on now.
Cold hands and feet or being over 20st??????What would I rather be,COLD COLD COLD wins every time.Sure I can find ways of keeping warm.
The way i look at it is if i diet all winter ill have a nice summer next yr. Im also looking forward to my holiday to Greece and i know getting through the winter hopefully ill be a lot smaller to enjoy next sunmmer!