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Sooo dispondent :(


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Hi folks to those of you that know me, and hi to all the new names here.

Oh dear... Annie went into hiding again. (waiting for the foot tapping and 'naughty girl' comments LOL)

The past few weeks .. in fact, probably 6 or so weeks have been a battle. My body has got stuck on the weight loss.. or lack of! It's driving me potty.

As you know, I've managed to lose 4 stone since October last year.. and as pleased as i am about it, I still have a long way to go. My body doesn't agree with me. For the past few weeks I've lost 1/2lb, or STS or at ToTM gained 3 only to lose 1 the next week, then STS again. I've been sticking to the plan, I've changed it around, I've added EE days, I've done all red days, changed my HexB's.. you name it, I've done it yet still the weight is not shifting. So much so that I got to the 'sod it' stage and that has lasted two weeks. My head was saying what's the point in trying so hard and getting no result. I was sat watching my family eat all kinds of yummy things when i was having SW friendly meals, and not getting the result i felt I deserved. A week last tuesday I went to class and had gained 3.5lbs. I was mortified :( then this week AF arrived so I knew that was another 3lbs at least, and I couldn't handle the scales .. so I skipped class :(

BUT... I have had a 100% day today, I am back on it although I feel absolutely pants and it's a battle. Chances are when I get to class next week, I won't have lost anything because what I will have put on that hasn't been recorded because I didn't get weighed.

I have even been at the point of thinking about trying VLC diet to try and get things moving again, but I don't think I could torture myself that way, and hubby would have 10 fits if I were to have shakes instead of food. He's bad enough already complaining about me having to go to class and follow a plan. He thinks that the weight should come off by healthy eating without me having to check in each week.. but that leads to disaster for me.

So anyway.. I'm in a big fat rut and am trying to crawl out.. it's just so hard to keep sticking to the plan 100% as I always have done, but still get nowhere :(
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Your OH sounds just like mine. It's so easy for them.

Annie, you have been a source of inspiration not just for me, but for every Miniminner on here. Your journey has been incredible and I've been proud to watch it and share it with you.

This is just a hiccup, nothing else. You're near Everest and just need a little rest before the final push. I know you can do it. You have such determination - look how far you've already come - and are capable of anything.

Have you talked to your consultant about how p*ss*d off you are with your recent lack of weight loss? I can't remember the name but there's that back to basics (set menus) kick-start that SW do too. I think Indieflower did it once (sorry if it wasn't you, Indie).

Don't let those little demons drag you down. You can do this. I know it.



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Annie, you've done fabulously well. Most of us get to a stage where we 'back off' and it all goes a bit pear shaped - I've been off plan for around 6 weeks - although its been mostly the past 3-4 weeks when I've been totally off centre.

I'm sure you will be back and inspiring us all again VERY soon xxx


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Hi Annie, good luck with geting back on track, you have done amazingly well so far:) Are you able to do any more exercise as that can help? I only walk as i'm too scared of the gym but walk daily in the venings and that has helped increase my losses. Anyway, best of luck to you, keep going and we're all here to support each other:)


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Hi Annie, i agree with all of the above that has been said. You are so inspirational to us all. I think you should try success express for a week and see if it boosts your metabolism, you may see a good few lbs off then go back to red green and ex easy. It is your choice if you want to go on a vlcd though, i know they have worked well for lots on this forum. (rainbow is on lighter life now and doing well) I think a lot of men think like your oh. My dad and oh wouldn't like it if i was replacing meals with shakes, they stick to ' the mans diet' which they just cut out the rubbish and eat 3 meals a day. Why don't you get in 20min walks a few times week.

Please don't give up though Annie as you have come sooooo far 4 stone is amazing. Decide which plan you are going to follow and decide a starting date and take it from there. We are all here for you xxx


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It's hard when you are 100% but still don't shift the weight.
I agree that a little extra walking might push it along.
I would hate to do a diet that was shakes and bars myself and my OH would go mental It's up to you though so whatever you decide, good luck.


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My advice, always, in these situations is to go back to square one... pretend you know nothing about it - look everything up, keep a food diary. Write everything down. Usually it's the "invisible eating" that holds us up. Certainly is the case with me. I had my month of being stuck - gain one, lose one, ad finitum... it was depressing. In my head, I thought I was following the plan. On paper, I clearly wasn't. As soon as I started using the online food diary, everything changed and I'm now on a downward spiral again (in a good way!).

If you think your brain needs a rest from all the dieting, then just maybe take a month to just "hover" at your current weight, accept you're going to do so, and set a date for a few weeks time when you start again. Give yourself a break from the constant battles of guilt we have in our heads for eating things. It's enough to drive you insane sometimes!

Or, if you're determined to get right back on it... get out those photographs. Look at yourself when you first started, and all those amazing gorgeous photos of you from a couple weeks ago. Go back and read your posts and how excited you were at your progress. Make a list of all the reasons you're doing this - for yourself, for your daughter, etc. Then do a shopping list. Batch cook some SW recipes... there's a new magazine out this week by the way! :)

You know you can do this Annie... I know you can do this. I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago... stuck just short of my 2 stone mark... now I'm 4lbs away from 3 stone! For me it was as simple as keeping an online food diary. You need to find that missing element of motivation that had you steaming along before.

We're all here to support you and cheer you on at your next milestone. C'mon 5 stone!!!!!!! You can do this!


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Hi Annie,

We've got a lady in our group at the moment who's experiencing everything you are - she's just shifting around the same few pounds over and over again.

Last week she spoke to our consultant about going onto Fast Forward and on Tuesday night we heard her result - 3.5 lbs off. It's really tough, but from all who have done it, they say it really kick-started their weight loss again (it's stricter and lower calories, but not vLC stuff).

Could this be an option? Best of luck with whatever you choose!


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Awww thanks so much for all your support. It really does mean a lot.

One of the other annyoing things is that I have actually started exercising over a month ago. I started to use my exercise bike doing between 5 and 7 miles a session. I also skint myself and bought a Wii Fit board to use on my son's Wii. (Loving that btw) and did 1000 hula hoop revolutions in one session (a killer!) I love doing the step up exercises too, so I am giving it all I've got. Or was up until the last two weeks of sod this mind set.

I have started to write everything down again, but Minders, the online food diary might be a better way of doing it. I don't 'think' I'm wandering off track from the plan because when I'm doing it I do it and don't pick or finish my little one's food .. I'm strict. I think that's why it pee's me off so much. The one thing I am guilty of is not having all my hexB's or syns every day. Most days I do, but some days I skip them. I may not be eating enough, as daft as it sounds. Money has been tight so I've not bought the extras like the free foods. Another reason for not getting the free foods in is that my OH keeps eating them and it's driving me bonkers. I ask him not to, but all he says is go buy some more. I can't afford to keep buying more. I bought some really nice ham and it cost £4!! But I thought it would last me a good few days as it was a large pack. But every time he walked past the fridge, he took a couple of slices. I wouldn't mind so much if he made it into a meal, but no, he just picked at it, so when I went to get some to make a nice big fat ham salad, there was none left :( It really bugs the pants off me!! Even if I 'hide' stuff in the fridge, he still finds it. He just won't accept that he can't have it, he has to have the other ham that I bought for him. He'll eat mine first and then eat his. I ended up getting really angry with him about it (stupid eh? angry about a pack of ham) and he ended up taking the pi$$ out of me for being so upset over ham, which made things worse.

I'll see how I go this week with a 100% week and if I get nowhere I'll perhaps chop a couple of limbs off LOL.. or the easier option might be to try fast forward to get things back in gear.

If I've not lost anything by next Tuesday.. I really don't know how I'll feel. I still feel pants about it this morning, but I'm still on track for 100% despite my brain not being happy about it .. I'm on brain over-ride LOL.

I have decided that I'm going to aim for a PAT to get to 12 stone and see how I feel there before I decide whether to set a target of 10 stone or not. The magic number has always been 10 stone for some reason, but I know I look ok at 12 stone, especially when I weighed in at 20 stone in October.

I've been and got my fat clothes out this morning. I also realised that the cropped jeans (which I have on now and absolutely LOVE) are an off the peg size 20 from George at Asda, and they're a bit big. Last October I was buying a size 26/28 trousers. If only this weight would start shifting again, I could be in a size 18 for my birthday mid July.

I did giggle at my consultant a few weeks ago though. I was complaining about lack off loss and she said but you look so good now, you must be .. a .. what? size 16? Oh if only.. she was shocked to find out I'm a 22 top and 20 bottom. I guess I carry it well LOL

Thanks again for your support, advice and suggestions... it really does mean so much :grouphugg:
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Some fabulous responses Annie - I hope you can take motivation, inspiration and move forward.

You've come such a long way already and have quite a long way to go...it's totally normal that you're having this little stumble on your path to Slim City!

I haven't got much to add, only that you have been so successful so far...you know that eventually, once you find your mojo, you'll be right back in the zone. Try not to get more stressed about the situation because that won't help you get it together. You'll find your way back, because you're a determined lady!



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Annie, don't leave us! Don't do the shake thing!

I can't add anything that the others haven't already said, some great posts and responses up there! You are such a star and look so good - stick with it Annie, it will come off.


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It happens to us all Annie.

One minute you are flying along thinking its all so easy and then suddenly it all goes pear shaped and we wonder what on earth happened!
The main thing is not to beat yourself up over it, the guilt we put ourselves through is always far worse than the few pounds we have gained!

You know you can do it, you've already lost a substantial amount of weight (well done!!). Look at it as a little holiday, a break, a bit of breathing space and when the moment is right for you again, you can carry on.
Its not a race, there is no time limit, any damage done can be undone, its just a case of getting your head in the right place for it...which is easier said than done, I know.
Like you, in the past I have missed weigh in if I know I have gained, usually never to return again.
This time, I have gone to class regardless (even when I gained 12.5lbs over Christmas!!) and I have to say, its the first time that I have stayed on the plan for so long. So my advice is go to class and face the music. Its times like this when you really need the support.

Good luck, its good to see you posting again.....thats the first step ;)


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OMG... the ham thing. I would go mental. Seriously, that is so mean and unsupportive of your husband to take that attitude! I would totally lose the plot, I really would! I know it sounds petty when you think it's "just over a pack of ham", but it's not, is it. It's sabotaging the huge amount of effort and motivation that you're mustering up to do this very important thing for your life and your health. And who knows, it could also be playing a part in your "sod it" frame of mind that you're battling with right now.

I'd go out and buy one of those metal locked boxes and put your stuff in there. If he's going to be selfish, then dammit... so should you!!!!!


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LOL [email protected] the metal box. I'm glad I'm not over-reacting to the ham thing. I was beginning to think I was because of how stupid he made me feel about getting upset over ham. I know he's my hubby but even he would admit he's a very selfish person, and you just can't get him to see reason. Now if he were doing the shopping on a budget each week, it might be a different matter. I just can't get him to stop eating. It's constant, one thing after another. The only thing is, he does a lot of exercise.. he cycles to work 10 miles there and 10 back 3 days out of 5, and he's just run his first half marathon last Sunday, so he's been training for that and he's just eaten us out of house and home.. and there's nothing on him! If I ate half of what he eats, I'd be back to where I started within two months!

Sam - very true words. It's not a race and I have all the time in the world to get this weight off.. but why do we all want it to fall off yesterday? LOL. It took a while to go on, so why do we expect it to fall off in one big lump?

I have to say that staying away from this site was a mistake. I feel so much better already for getting it off my chest and reading your replies. It is making me feel much more positive already, so thank you.

Onwards and downwards :D


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Its very odd isn't it, why we shy away from forums like this and class when the going gets tough?
I wonder why?
I think we are all guilty of it.....I know I certainly am!!
Why, when we need help, do we run and hide and try to cope with it ourselves?

I'm glad posting here again has made you feel better anyway
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I'm with you on the ham thing!

It's not the *actual* ham you are upset about - it's what the ham represents. Lack of consideration for you, and how you are trying to do something that's flipping hard. Losing weight is such a huge battle. If he's fit, active and slim, it's something he can't understand, no matter how hard he tries...and it sounds like he doesn't want to try to understand.

As you've said...selfish. It's incredibly selfish of him to sabotage your efforts as he is doing. Even when you've asked him to, he's harsh on you. Another talk might be in order Annie!


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Awww Annie - big hug - you sound so fed up! I have an OH like yours re the plan so I can empathise!

Try and ignore whats going on around you and concentrate on building your strength inside again, you can do this, you have done so well and I have every confidence in you that you will get the losses you want xx


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hey, annie, welcome back hun. Im now doing LL as I wasnt sticking to SW so I felt that a complete change was needed, not saying that thats right for you, you've been given some great advice and you have the support. fingers crossed for ya,and dont be a stranger (although i was one for a wee while when i was gaining or not sticking to the plan) xxx


Minimins is the best!
annie im having a down day too!!
it was so lovely to see you had poasted again! We had missed you!
Youve done so well hun, so brilliantly... and i know how frustrating it is when you are so strict with yourself and are sticking to it 100%..
especially when OH is doing stuff like stealing your ham!!! my husband is exactly the same!!
i say you can eat what you like...i cant...i have some certain things that are mine so keep your bl**dy paws off them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grrrrr men eh?!!!
chin up hun, and if you think fast forward is er the way forward (!), give it ago...what have u got to loose?? (a few pounds hopefully!!)


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Thanks ladies :D

Well I got through yesterday 100%. I did some stepping on the Wii Fit and some hooooola'ing :D

My mindset is ok now and I don't feel as fat as I did last week when I was pigging out. It's odd how you feel fat when you're eating crap but feel so much better once you're back to a healthy diet.

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