Sooooooooooo Depressed!!!!!!


Have a serene day!!
Went to GP Weigh in last night as I do every week, am into week 4 only thing I did different was had a Thai Salad on Saturday night for my birthday, and I have put on half a pound.

The depressing thing is that I have put a pound on since seeing my CDC last Thursday.

What am I doing wrong!!!!!

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Apart from the Thai salad if your sticking to this you are doing ok. I wouldnt let 1 week weigh in throw you off track, I was worried about my weigh in this week as my scales werent showing any difference the night before and then on the day lost 3lb. A day can make a difference due to water retention. So dont worry Im sure that next week you will have lost and hopefully more than your usuallly week average.:D


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Forgot to say 18 lbs in 4 weeks is a fantastic loss.
SO instead of feeling depressed pat yourself on the back and plan all those new clothes you are going to have to buy..


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18lbs is a gret loss in 4 weeks so dont get disheartened.
You had a treat for your birthday, so what?? You have moved on from there now so dont worry :)
Onwards and upwards honey :)


Have a serene day!!
Thanks guys, I really needed your support, I have actually lost only 7 lbs in the last 4 weeks, I only started CD 6th Jan on 1200 step, the other 10.5lbs took from 3rd Oct to 5th Jan.

I am just hoping I am not going through the put on weight phase that I had during November I had lost 7lbs then promptly over 2 weeks put on 5lbs. That was one of the reasons why I went to see my CDC.

I was so chuffed yesterday as I wore a trouser suit that had been sitting in my wardrobe for 7 years never worn it, and it wasn't tight it looked smart etc., but then to find I had not lost any weight in the evening I was so pig sick, and the woman thats runs the Club looks pityingly at you which makes me so mad.

Sorry to moan on, I think I just need a good winge.

Hugs everyone!


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Everyone's metabolism is different. We all lose differently..some lose the same. Bigger people lose faster and so on and so forth. So don't beat yourself up about it. If there is a way you can change things then do so. It might be that you need to up your water intake? The bottom-line have lost a great deal of weight. Some people take forever to lose that amount doing 'normal' diets (WW etc). So, be have lost weight after all. Also...tomorrow may be different. The scales might shift because overnight you shift excess water (more so if you get up during the night to use the loo). So, as Pudding said..don't be disheartened. And we are all here when you need to 'moan' lol. That's what this site is about (partly).
But we don't want you to be depressed to the point where you go and cheat. I know what that's like and it's wastes a lot of time and all that hard work you put in would have been a waste. So, hopefully you're feeling better now.


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Hiya hun

sorry to hear you're feeling down today. Really don't worry about the scales too much hun, they're not always truthful and definately not always our friends! Look at the bigger picture, your weight IS coming down, you've worn a trouser suit, comfortably that you haven't worn for 7 years - that's awesome! Weight is a funny ol' bu**er and can go up & down for no apparent reason, the Thai salad hardly sounds like a major pig out and you're probably just retaining water, make sure you drink plenty over the next day or so - it will help. Bear in mind that to put on a lb you have to eat an extra 3500 cals - now that would be one hell of a salad :eek:

Stick with it, that smug look will soon be wiped off your Club leaders face as you continue to lose weight. You're not doing anything wrong honey - just stick with it & keep on fighting the good fight.

Ring me if you need me - I'm here for you.

Take care my luv

xxxxxx & a big (((((hug)))))


Finally getting surgery
S: 18st12.5lb C: 17st4.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 1st8lb(8.32%)
Thanks Trini Divine - I know you are right.

Promise I won't cheat it has only really given me more incentive to wipe the smug look off the club leaders face.

Already feeling better just for writing it down.


It's a damn shame that you even have to think about the club 'leader' :( (I say leader very loosely:mad: ). Forget about that and concentrate on loosing it for one else. So many times I made the mistake of wanting to lose weight to please people or show other people that I could do it - my mum, ex bf's, sister-in-law etc. People that didn't have an issue with their weight. Then I'd get mad and tell myself "I don't need to lose weight, they can accept me as I am" and in the meantime, I didn't accept me :sigh: . You are doing this for yourself and because you want to bring a huge smile to YOUR face. Of course, in the process it may be a little tiny bit gratifying to show others that you did it when they thought you couldn't :D . But that is minor.

You will be just fine. I just read a thread by Pud.... In the first wk Pud struggled and even though pud was doing the diet properly pud managed to gain 2 lbs. Now, pud has lost 10 1/2 stone in just under 8 months. Amazing! So, it can be done!


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Hi, I too am a very slow loser. Am on SS but at most lose 2lbs a week. Had a meal on Saturday - so only lost 1lb in two weeks. I am gutted. But I just think I must have a very slow metabolism. Just one of those extra burdens - keep it up you'll win through in the end.


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Don't get down, I only lost 2lbs last week and it looks the same for this week as my scales have not shifted.

I called up cambridge medical advisor yesterday who said that this happens around the 14.5 - 14 stone mark if you started at 15 - 16 stone. She also said that it is clearly water retention and I must drink 4 litres a day.

All my jeans are massive and I finally done up my coat last night (which I bought 3 years ago) so I know it is going.

I know it is demotivating not loosing but keep telling yourself that you are burning fat every minute of the day, hey, you may even lose half a stone next week! Chin up :) It may be something to do with week 4? As I am coming up to week 4 soon.
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