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Sore bum cheek!!!


Silver Member
Since losing my weight, for some reason I get a really painful bum cheek, I spoke to my lighterlife counsellor and she said it often happens, that you are sitting on nerves that have been cushioned!! I tell ya... hope no one else gets it cos it bl**dy hurts! Good job I don't sit down at work, I'd be in agony!!!!:mad::(
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I thought that as well!!! I have suffered with sciatica so that might have something to do with it! can't sit down for more than an hour at a time :tear_drop:
My husband is slim and he gets a painful bum cheek if he sits down too long!!!

Deb G

Silver Member
I'm having 'thin' problems at the moment......my hip bones are prominent now (not cushioned by 5 stone of fat anymore) and they actually hurt when I'm in bed! I like to lie on my tummy, but my bones stick into my firm mattress and some nights they actually bruise......

I never knew being thin would be so painful!!!!

Any suggestions????
Yup, me too! My bum has all but disappeared and when I sit it can be really uncomfortable. Not like sciatica (that sounds terrible!) but just sore on the bones. If I have to do a long car journey it can really hurt!
OOOOH!! I can't wait till my bum hurts!!! :D

But seriously - sorry you are in pain, and I do hope you get relief soon. :( SOmeone mentioned SCiatica - but that tend to run up and down the leg as well as the bum.....I think it more a case of you have lost your padding and your skeleton needs to adjust!! :)
Me too BL! I had a bout of sciatica the christmas before last. Fortunately, I was at work when I sat on a chair, missed and fell on the floor! It jarred the nerve back in to place and I was fine after that!! Don't recommend falling off chairs though:D lol
Keeping my fingers crossed for you Bex. Hope it eases off soon.

I'm only just starting week two so still have lots of padding on my bottom for now.
I look forward to the day when my hips stick out ;)
Ouch Bex - hope it soon eases for you ..... sounds awful :(

I've noticed that I can't sit too long in the one position as my bum now aches but it's not got to be really sore.

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