Sore throat what can I take?

Hi Babe
sorry you feeling rough
Not used any throut lozenges myself so do not know what you can use.
When I was like that I drunk hot summer orange and desovable pain killers in it,
I found splitting choc tetres and making lots of hot chok also helped.I had 4 wekish ones out of one tetre.
Hope you feel better soon.
If you can have dispersable aprin and if CD allow it then dissolve some in water and try to gargle it or at least hold it at the back of your throat for a while before swallowing :)
they sell sugarfree strepsils in chemists, maybe they would help (they are strawberry flavoured) I used them, they did not effect my ketosis.

Get well soon.
Personally I would take a couple of painkillers like paracetamol. Sucking a lozenge can irritate the throat more. ;)
I would get some soluble aspirin, and make it as cold as possible, and just hold it at the back of your throat as possible. And take 2 paracetamol too.
I drink hot water with water flavouring to soothe and add dispersable paracetamol every 4 hours.

Hope you feel better soon.