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sore tummy

hey guys im on day five now and just finished my second shake i noticed about an hour ago that my tummy is really sore and swollen im not sure why but the pain is just under my boobs anyone felt anything similar? this is my second time on lt and i was fine the first time just worried cuz my stomach has doubled in size and is very hard!
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Just to throw the suggestion out there, but gas perhaps? I mean, you haven't got much in your stomach, perhaps the acid could be producing a bit of gas and it's just sort of lodged there? I got a bit of heartburn when I was first on the TFR LT diet.

I'm not a doc! So if it gets any worse than just discomfortant call the doc, but just sounded like it could get a bit of wind to me *hugs*. Let us know!


Sensibly losing :)
OOh, I may be totally wrong here but gallbladder trouble>>>? This type of diet is famous for gallbladder problems and how you have described it is how I get before a full blown attack. I am waiting to hae mine removed as we speak! What sort of pain is it? you can get like a coic type pain under your breastbone.. and a bloated belly.. you can also feel direct tenderness on the right hand side just under the bottom of your ribs of you press in - this is the gallbladder itself causing this pain here...

Apparently ANY diet where you lose more than 3lb a week can make you prone to gallstones due tot he concentrated bile... I have had one tender moment since starting this but luckily it settled itself down...

if it IS gallstones etc then omeprazole is fantastic as cuts down the bile produced - you can buy over the counter but dont quote me in the ingredients re ketosis levels!

feel better soon xx


Sensibly losing :)
LMAO!!! :D certainly easier than having your gallbadder removed, I would rather have a poo all day long!! ;) xx


Sensibly losing :)
HA HA HA!! I always knew excercise was bad for you!! LOL!!! x
well today, i was told not to do any exersise atall, apparently it hinders your loss and slows it down


Sensibly losing :)
Lisabear really?? Omg I have been told the complete opposite and looking thru the forum it seems excercise helps loads of us along....?? Jesus, i think a lot of these that hand out this plan are morons.. !! They cant be fully trained...! I learnt more on this forum in 2 days than my chemist knew on mostaspects of it...
The only thing they say to not do is to take up excercise for the first 2 weeks if you are not used to it, if you are used to it then go easy and see how you feel....

unless my place is wrong? LOL!! but then I doubt it as loads of peeps excercise on here...!!!!

fuunny how the info changes place to place isnt it!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
I got WI today and she actually asked me if i had upped my excercise yet! Which i have and im still aching from mondays excercise class. Was supposed to go today as well but felt to crappy to go. Im trying for at least 3 times a week x
How did your wi go love? I lost 6lbs! I'm happy it's not as good as last year but I'm not as fat as last year so that's good!! My stomach is still so sore I've definitely pulled a muscle I'm the worst excerciser ever!!!

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