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Sorry - been AWOL - horrid week (added pic of Isabelle)


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Hello you lovely friends.

Sorry I've not been around, it's been a horrible week emotionally and I'm glad it's over. The plan went to pot due to circumstances and now I feel pretty [email protected] to be honest.

Last Wednesday evening my 3 year old was playing with the little girls next door on their trampoline. It's got the safety cage around it so I knew she was safe. I gave her a 5 minute warning as it was time for her to come in. I always give her 5 minutues notice as it saves tantrums. She's prepared then for coming in. I wish I didn't give her the 5 minute call :(

I heard her cry and say I want my mummy so I headed next door to get her. My neighbour was running with her to my house, blood absolutely pouring from her mouth. To cut a long story short, she had fallen as she was getting off the trampoline but some bigger lads had got on and didn't stop bouncing as she was getting off. She fell onto a concrete post, mouth first! My poor baby has knocked out her front tooth, knocked the next one along to a funny angle and smashed her gums up pretty bad, and also cut the roof of her mouth. She's only 3 :(

I took her to the dentist the following morning and he was fantastic. We have to go back for x-rays next month to see what, if any, internal damage is done.

She's healing quite nicely now, but it still looks messy.

And then on Saturday my Mother in Law phoned in a terrible state. My hubby ended up driving a 5 hour drive to fetch her, turned round and drove straight home again. so you can imagine what a good mood he was in... not! She left yesterday, all sorted, but it has been a bit of an emotional time what with Isabelle and then MIL. And then this morning, I get a speeding fine notification through the door for when Mark was fetching his mum. Doing 70 in a 60 zone. He already has 9 points on his licence :( FFS... what's next?

So the SW plan has gone a bit to pot really. I was all set to get back on track this morning, but I really just don't feel like it. This is the first time in six months since starting that I really feel blah about it. I've still got too far to go to be losing interest at this point. I daren't take 'time off' because I'll plonk loads back on.

My scales say I've put 3lbs on this week, but I came on yesterday and I put 3lbs on last month when AF arrived, so I'm not THAT worried about the 3lbs.. but I really need to get my head back into gear and stop feeling so blah about it all :(
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Oh hun, poor you! I feel for you as I have a 2 yr old and I would be in such a state if something like that happened to her! Naughty boys...grrr!

It's understandable that you went off plan with all that stress. If you're like me though you'll feel so much better when you get back on track! Being off plan doesn't actually make you feel better - it just leads to guilt and more stress and mood swings!

We're all here for you if you need to vent or chat. I know you'll get back on it though. :patback:

xxx :hug99:


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Blimey... what an ordeal! Not much I can say really... but you know that we always make it through tough times eventually. Just take each day as it comes... heck... take each five minutes as it comes if you have to. Whatever it takes to get you through. ((((hug))))


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What a week!! Your poor baby!! I hope she will be ok xxx

As for plan...sometimes it needs to take a backseat to life. I am sure if you keep coming on here, you wont go totally off the rails Annie :)

Good luck and remember, we are all here for you. No need to say sorry for not being here. Life happens!!xxx


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Hi Annie

So sorry to hear about your horrible time recently.
Please don't beat yourself up about food and diets at this time. The absolutely crucial thing is that you are here and talking everything through- you are not running away from your food problems, just dealing with them as best you can during a difficult time when other priorities take over.

I bet you feel better just for writing it down and knowing that you are facing each situation and not running away.

All my love to your precious daughter, your husband and his Mum, and YOU


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Awww hun, if it's any consolation my daughter did a similar thing when she was 2, she tripped in the garden on the step and fell face first onto it, she knocked her 2 front teeth into an awkward shape and cut her gums badly, she was distraught, I was distraught!!!! so I know exactly how you feel, we got her to see the dentist and he said one of the teeth was loose but would prob be ok, the other would prob die and go black (eek!) which if it did they would remove it, fortunately it just discoloured over time but the only thing was these were her baby teeth (as your daughter's are) and they reassured us that it wouldn't affect her adult teeth as they came through

I am sure your daughter will be fine hun, it makes you feel sick when they hurt themselves like that though doesn't it?

sending you hugs xxx
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Hi Annie :wavey:

You're poor little girl. How awful! I don't know how I would have coped if that was Molly. I really do hope she heals pretty soon and all will be ok.

Hope you feel better soon hun (((HUGS))) xxx


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:hug99:Hi Annie, sorry you have had such a stressful time, your poor baby and her wee mouth, glad your dentist is good though and he will sort everything out. I suppose the only positive thing is that it is still her baby teeth. But still it is not nice it happening to her. A similar thing happened to my wee boy when he was about 3.

I don't think anyone would be expected to stick to plan after a horrible week like you have had but i am sure you will feel better if you get right back to it because you have done soooo well so far hun.

Hope everything is ok with your mil, and it is good to have you back xx
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OMG you've had a right horrible time you poor thing!
As you say 3lb isn't alot, but it's just getting backl on board that waggon again. As I remember you are looking new leathers? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else so forgive me if I've got the wrong person, but if I'm right, maybe you should print out a pic of tghose leathers and stick them up round the house and make some of your fave free SW recipes, so you can munch til your hearts content. You'll be less likely to grab junk food ( I sound so wise lol if only I could listen to my own advice sometimes!!).
Think positive thoughts, you can do this, you are doing sooo well!
Hope everything calms down and your daughter has a speedy recovery xxx


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What a horrible week you have had - hope your DD will be ok?
Forget the last week as far as SW goes and if you have been bad this morning start afresh tomorrow.
Sit down make a list of recipes to see you through next week, then a shopping list and tomorrow is a new day.
Hugs Irene


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Thanks so much for your support folks. It's much appreciated.

So much for getting back on track today! It didn't happen. I'm giving myself a good talking to and am going to get back to it in the morning. It's just been such a pig of a week and I feel really down in the dumps today. I need to haul myself up by the bootstraps and get back to it. I'll be fine, I know I will, and sooner rather than later.

Here are a couple of pics I took this afternoon of Isabelle and her huge gap at the front of her mouth. It might not look too bad to you all, but of course, I'm her mother and it looks awful to me LOL. And as some of you have said, at least they're her baby teeth... thank god for that.

Thanks again for your support.



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What a sweetie! Amazing how they bounce back whilst we are still shaking! Lol! Back on track now and good luck x


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What a terrible time you have been having - no wonder the plan took a back seat for a bit. You little girl is so gorgeous - I hope the dentist has/will be able to reassure you that there is no lasting damage - anyway they all go gappy at some point, so she is just ahead of herself :D

I am sure you will have those few pounds knocked off in no time - you will get your mojo back, just you see :D
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What a cutie, and what a terible week. if its any consolation we have had tonsiltus, bleeding gums and an allergic reaction for my youngest during the hols and the eldest has also lost 2 teeth so i have some sympathy.


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What an awful week you've had. I'm not surprised the plan is out the window! Well done for wanting to stay on track and still being cautious of the damage a few days off can do to the scales and your motivation despite everything you had on your plate.
Hopefully as things settle down you will get your focus back. Hope your little girl is doing ok - poor little thing. x


This is really the time!
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Poor girl...Don't do anything to affect how beautiful she is though! What a darling!!

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