Sorry for the topic but


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Is anyone else having trouble with constipation? I'm 7 weeks into the diet now and have noticed i'm going less and less. It's been 4 days now and it's starting to get uncomfortable. I have my WI tomorrow as well :cry:
How can i sort it out? I know fibre but it's quite limiting on how much each day, maybe that is part of the problem. How about any free foods?

Sorry guys but help is needed
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This has been my problem too.

I think that drinking loads of water is supposed to help it along the way. I'm going to give that a go tonight and see if it helps cos i have WI as well tomorrow night.


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Loads of water and senecot is what u need!

iv never had that directly linked to SW. im just gassy! LUSH!!


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I have had this problem too, but as I am most likely eating more fibre than before SW, I'm guessing that it's that that is causing it. I was told more fluids.

Not been too bad this week, but last week it was a whole week between 'visits' :whistle: I was worried about WI, but lost 3.5lbs :D


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I supose, the less goes in the less can come out. I've got the opposite at the mo. Never been so much. But it's the 1st time in years that I'm eating properly and healthily. Just a shame I'm not losing any weight.


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I have been kind of irregular all my life and it was worse when I started SW.
Senokot is really good and I found having Activia on a daily basis is also a big boost.
However, as long as you don't feel uncomfortable I think your body will tell you when it's time to go.
A doctor told me years ago that anything from going a couple of times a day to once every four or five days is totally normal.


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I had this as well but I started drinking more water and it helped a lot. Also eating more beans helps a lot too (not baked beans but things like cooked barlotti, cannellini etc) I made a dish using brown beans and ate it nearly everyday for a week and I went every single day, sometimes twice! That week I lost 3.5lbs too! I think I'm going to cook me another pot :D


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I have terrible trouble going, I have tried everything, drink lots of water eat all my fruits, leave the skins on the potatoes blah blah - but some weeks I still dont go, but for me there is light at the end of the tunnel if you know what i mean.. I have stopped having bread and now I have scan bran or ryvita instead, and I am going every day :)


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Having a pear almost every day also helps...also they say plums are also good for this.


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I've only been on the diet 4 days and have definately noticed this! Im p!ssing like a racehorse after all the water I've been drinking - Ill try fruit next


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I drink lots of water and eat loads of fruit and veggies so I am usually OK, but if I do have a problem I take a couple of 'Dulco-ease' capsules - and they soon sort out the problem - (only to be used occassionly though)......