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Sorry I have to brag!...also need advice

Last night was my best friend's 21st and we started pre-drinking at about 6...left about half 11...and got home around half 3. After weeks of pondering prior to last night, whether I should take a day or 2 off for it, I decided against it and all I had was fizzy or still water all night!!! :D Apart from the jibes from my boyfriend's buddies about 'why are you REALLY not drinking eh?' (implying I was pregnant! and frightening my boyfriend in the process incase CD was just an elaborate ruse to hide my impending child) which was just funny really, and otherwise everyone was lovely about it! I don't know if they knew why, but I suspect my best friend and boyfriend had told everyone already as no one asked questions, which I don't mind, saves me from telling them! Made me feel really lucky to have the friends I do.

The only thing I'm worried about, is that when someone was buying a round, I asked for sparkling water, and she came back with soda water with lemon in :confused: (i couldn't say anything as it was lovely of her to buy me a drink and it was only a half pint glass, half full of ice too), I took the lemon out but could still taste lemon in there..and I don't know if soda water has anything dodgy in it as well? Anyone know? I personally feel fine today, no symptoms that I'm not in ketosis or anything. after that I just asked for tap water, seemed simpler!!
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awesome, well done for sticking with it. amazing willpower.
as for the soda water, soda water simply means carbonated water so shouldnt do much damage and the slice of lemon may have caused u to come out of ketosis if u ate the lemon but removing it from the drink..... i doubt it will have any effect whatsoever.
sounds to me like u did everything right. well done. hopefully ur next weigh in will pay u what u rightfully deserve... a lovely weight loss :D
thanks! so soda water is just sparkling water? i was worried it was the same as tonic water..it seemed like it tasted a bit different to normal sparkling water but that may have been in my head! xx
Well, I just gave it a good google LOL, and it would appear soda water is just fizzy water, so that should be fine.

People say that lemon juice can interfere with ketosis but it's one of those 'Your mileage may vary' things - some people are more sensitive to citric acid than others. If you're not feeling hungry today, then you're almost certainly okay.

Well done for not succumbing to temptation!
Tonic water has quinine in it and "soda" water is just carbonated water. I think tonic water is too be avoid -- perhaps, sodium is the issue there.

And, even if you drop out of ketosis (as Lily said) you might feel a bit hungry but it shouldn't affect your losses. And, you should slip back into ketosis fairly rapidly.

oooo me too!! I went out last night and managed to drink water all night and then resist the pull of kebab afterwards! at ne point I though I was going to cry but was so proud of myself this morning! Well done to you and lots of loely weight loss vibes being sent your way!
thanks everyone!! and well done emma!!! I felt like such a classy lady on sparkling water whilst everyone else was tiddly, haha! :) xx

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