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Sorry to bore you all again, RED WEEK.

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Guys, im soo soo sorry to keep bothering you, i know im a pain in the ass..
But im heading for my first red week come thurs when my new 'week' begins (my WI is wed eves)
and im terrified. I very rarley have ever done a red day - let alone a whole week. I think once in the entire time iv been doing sw. I lost my first 3 stone on green alone and the rest on EE.. when i tried to go back to Green about 7 months ago i managed to cock it up so spectacuarly that i gained 2.5lbs and was devestated.. and im worried with my 'red day' inexpierance the same could happen, but as i'l be having no pasta, rices, or potatoes which is the staples of my diet, it will be forcing me to eat much more fruit and veg which i hope will only serve to be benificial to my weight loss,.. and my mental attitude, as iv only just found my mojo and desperatly need to shift a few lbs to get me back in to the swing of things.

so please look and promise me this will be 100% right if i follow it?

Breakfast, 2 boiled eggs with cut up wholemeal pitta HEALTHY EXTRA B.

Dinner: Chicken Salad -Lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, peppers and bbq sauce (1syn)

Cauliflour cheese made with 2 HEALTHY EXTRA A's, )%fat natural yog, bacon, lots of veg, chicken and gravey.

I'l have one healthy extra b left over which i expect to use on a Hifi, should i remember to buy some, if not il eat some alpens!

2 apple and sultana alpen lights HEALTHY EXTRA B, Chopped banana, grapes, vlf nat yog and sweetner. 10 Almonds HEB

Left over cauliflower cheese and bacon bake. HEA's x2

Steak with roasted peppers and salad.

Massive fruit salad with vlf yoghurt.

1 wholemeal pitta stuffed with chopped ham and melted cheese with a salad. HEB & 2 HEA's

Everyones coming round for a takeaway curry for joes bday, im going to weigh out a chicken rogan (6.5) then have a massive homemade salad and possibly attempt some sw style indian goodies

and 1 hifi bar HEB


2 crushed alpens HEB, oranges, grapes, strawberrys and ff yoghurt.

3 slices of ww brown danish HEB with chicken, mayo light (1) lettuce, onion and tom with even more salad followed by a fruit salad.


chicken, loads of veg, and gravey (1) followed by an apple, grape and cheese salad HEA

BLT made with one wholemeal pitta HEB

Dinner ( day out with mum but will take 2 alpens HEB and tonnes of fruit and some babybells HEA)

Gammon with fried egg and salad.

2 alpen lights HEB, fruit and yog

Egg and ham salad with one wholemeal pitta HEB

Peppers stuffed with bacon and cheese HEA, mushrooms.
and loads salad.

All okay and perfectly acceptable for a red week? all my snacks will be various fruits and salads.

xox :confused:
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I would say it looks great, only one thing you say on the Friday you are going to have 10 Almonds as a HEB, to my knowledge and unless things have changed in the new books you cant have that on red, you would have to syn them.

I have just looked through my books again and I cant see it :eek: unless I cant see for looking.

Are you going to have between 5 and 15 syns or are you cutting back, thats the only things I can see that sprung to mind.

Good luck
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
your absoloutly right, thank you! a hifi or something else it will be!!

- i dont like to plan my syns because i learnt early on that i would plan my syns, eat throughout the day, and should i suddenly find myself in a perdiciment like a unplanned meal out or i struggle in the eve i like to have all my syns ready, you never know what life might throw at you that can throw your syns out, i will be cutting back, so no more than 5 a day if i can help it xox
My only suggestions.........

Make Saturday EE. If you don't, you'll only miss the rice with the curry!! However, if you are determined to be RED all week, when I have curry I usually have shredded cabbage instead of rice.

On Friday, (tea: steak, roasted peppers, salad) could I suggest that you have some butternut squash? Doing red days a lot, I've found that I sometimes miss the starchy feeling from potatoes (if that made any sense, and didn't make me seem like too much of a nutter!!) and that the squash can help.

Monday: Dinner out with mum :- Options are, make the day EE (it will be so much easier!!), change it for a green day (jacket and beans are fairly easy to find), or if you are having a red day, PLAN. Will you be near a Subway? You could have the salad platter with some ham. Will you be near a Spud U Like? Take a HEX a of cheese with you and guestimate a 227g potato. You could always go for a low syn option of sushi if you are near a Yo! Sushi place. However, my personal favourite, go to a pub or somewhere that serves all day breakfast. Don't order off the menu (it's too tempting!!). Instead, ask for XX slices of bacon, XX fried egg and a portion of beans (guestimate for a HEX b), grilled tomato and a side salad (no dressing). You will have to allow a few syns for the fried egg and the bacon (you could ask them to grill it, but I suspect it would be fried, even if they say 'ok' !!)

I know that RED is an undiscovered minefield for you at the moment but the menu plan looks good.

Something filling and tasty is Ratatouille with some chopped smoked bacon in it.........Food thought for the day.....;)


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I think you're very brave planning a whole week of red! I only manage the odd day here and there. You could make some superfree soup or frittata to keep you going between meals, just in case you get hungry, I know I do on red days. Swede and carrot mashed together makes a fairly decent substitute for mash potatoes. Good luck!
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Hi i do red all the time. sometimes i have 227gms of potato made into SW chips as a HEXB that way you don't miss out too much.\
good luck with your week

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Can I suggest you have a look at my food diary Hun??? I do mostly Red days with the occassional Green/EE thrown in. Your plan looks good though, apart from the bits that have already been mentioned!


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it looks fine to me, most of my days are red days, the only comment I would make is that when I do red days I tend to only have a maximum of 3 eggs a week but that is just because eggs seem to have a weird effect on me - no idea why though. Otherwise it looks good. I also do make sure I always have a pot of chopped, cooked chicken or cold sausages ready just in case I get the munchies and don't want fruit or veggies.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys, did my shop today and have got plenty of cold meats that i know are syn free etc and have taken into account all your comments.. deffinatly going to reconcider going green for the meal with mum monday.

Thanks guys xox

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