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sorry i just disappeared :eek: i feel off the wagon big style :eek:

i had no restriction with my band which made me join SW in the first place. then i had a little bit of fluid put in it and thought it would be enough. clearly it's not, and i'm still not losing weight cos i'm making the wrong choices again :(

i'm back if you'll have me. sorry to just up and leave :wave_cry:
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Welcome back! Can i ask out of curiosity what the band is like? I was going to have gastric bypass years back but chickened out but have always wondered if the band works and what it's like.
Hi Huni...welcome back!
I had a band fitted in May, how are you finding it all??? What is your restriction now? If you dont think that its enough, have a chat with your consultant..mine is up to 7.3ml on a 10ml band.
I started SW (from home) on the 11th and although there are certain foods that I cant eat due to the restiction, I am managing to eat the SW way (without gorging on free foods). I have a food diary as well on the go if you want to have a look for ideas.
Dont give up and dont feel like a failure, the problem with the band is that chocolate and crisps go down far easier than anything else!
PM me if you want a chat as I do know what you are going through and hopefully I can help you in some way.

Take care

Awwww thanks guys! :D

As for the band stacey - i love it! The only reason i'm struggling at the moment is because i haven't got enough fluid in it. But that was because i had to have a bit of a defill in the summer and haven't got back to my optimum restriction level yet. Between when i had the band fitted and february of this year (so, 5 months), i'd lost 4st 7lb! But then i started eating too much junk and not following the 'rules', and stayed the same, until i had a problem and had to have a bit of a defill. That led me to put on 1st 7lb and i had a fill a couple of weeks ago now which has allowed me to lose 7lb of that so far. But i'm struggling with my head demons again, and turning to chocolate again!

The trouble is, i know i need another fill (even though, i'm not able to eat large amounts right now which is probably why SW is a good idea at the moment!), but i can't afford it at the moment. It's £75, and as i paid that out less than 2 weeks ago, i just can't afford it again before xmas :(

I've got 6.5ml in my 9ml band. My 'sweet spot' (where i can lose weight without even thinking about it) is around 7ml i think.

I know that as long as i stick to the SW plan i'll lose weight, so fingers crossed! Thanks again for the warm welcome back :) xxxx
So when you get to your target do you get the band removed then? And how do they fill it? Do they have to put something down your throat?

I'm so nosy! My sister was thinking of having one awhile ago which is why I'm so curious.
right. ok lol. i'll try and explain it as best as i can....

i had an operation where the surgeon put a band around the top of my stomach, which also has a little tube attached to it, with a port/reservoir at the other end. the port is stitched to a muscle just underneath my ribs on the left hand side.

when the band needs to be inflated (which makes it tighten around my stomach to stop so much food going down) then i go and see my 'fill provider' and he fills the band with saline, a little bit at a time, by injecting the saline into the port which is just underneath the skin.

the tighter the band is, the less i can eat. it also stops me eating certain kinds of food like most meats, bread etc (although i seem to be able to manage bread as long as i chew it to death lol).

if i find it's too tight for my liking, or too loose, i go back to my fill provider and he either takes out some saline or injects a bit more, until i'm at the restriction which agrees with me.

when i get to my target weight i'll have some fluid taken out to allow me to maintain my weight. there's no reason why it should have to be taken out, as that would mean another operation - eeek no way!

nothing goes down my throat (aside from the food i eat! lol ;) )

hope that's helped a bit!
My port is left of my tummy button...being realistic, Im never going to be a bikini babe, even after an emergency c-section!! Lol.
You will definitely shed the pounds again if you stick to the SW plan huni!

StaceyUK, the band really is in for life, or until you decide to have it removed. When you have reached the weight that you need to be, the consultant will de-restrict the band fully enabling you to eat normally. Its not a quick fix option and I had mine done privately (no wonder Im broke!!), you have to work at eating sensibly as well as having the band fitted. My problem was quantity and not quality of food so much.
Ah, it's so nice to see your cheery face again. Welcome back. This time, more than any other time....
Thanks guys :) I know that the SW plan works as long as i stick to it, even when the band DOESN'T have good restriction. So it should help even more now it's filled a bit :)

Glad to be back! xxxx
Very interesting! Thanks for the info Beki and Mrs V! Anyone mind asking how much it cost to have it done? I know when I was going to have gastric bypass it was about £8k! (and that's going back 5-7 years!)

Oh, and how does it restrict the types of food (ie, bread/meat)? It would seem it would just restrict quantity. I assume if you eat too much you feel sick or are sick?

I should stop asking questions and just google it!! LOL!
lol no worries :)

it restricts the TYPE of food, mainly because of the size of the hole the food has to get through now. bread tends to 'clog', and meat can rarely be chewed to small enough.

mine cost me around £2500 in belgium, but i think to have it over here it costs around £5-8k.

my mum had hers done on the same day as me in belgium and has gone from a 15st 7lb size 22, to a 11st 7lb size 14-16... and still losing! :D xxxx
Glad to see you back on here - well done for coming back as that's the hard bit. Good luck and remember to shout if you need a kick up the bum or a just a big scream!!
well i'm pretty sure i'm gonna need a few kicks up the bum, so i'll be sure to shot for you when needed! :D lol

thanks! xxxx

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